Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A stop at White Rock BC

Yesterday - it is hard to believe it is only January 
Why ? You ask! 
Look at these pictures... that will explain it all... 









Glad I don't live in the East

Off to the estuary today with the camera and back pack with the hope of seeing some eagles and harbor seals. 
I woke up this morning to a nice sky so it got me in the mood to get outside.




 even though this is an older picture - I did sit and watch for a while a seal - but today I could not get a clear shot so NO new pictures

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Today I decided that I would take Noni and my Mum out for lunch. Off to Vancouver we go heading towards the Keg restaurant.
Arriving at the Keg I read the sign telling the hours of opening and closing posted on the entrance only to find out that it does not open till 4 pm so I can not use the gift cards from Christmas - so I decided that we will eat at the Swiss Chalet on Lougheed Hwy.
Great meal.
Back in Vancouver - I can not waste a road trip this far and not find a cache or two --
now can I?
We are actually near the area where I missed finding all the caches I searched for at the end of 2013 - and I know they have been found since my failed attempt - so I am going to look again. Success - I found the first one so close to where I was standing before looking in the wrong spot . The second cache was one I didn't even look for, before but was so close and was the first one in a series of caches along the trail that I had geo cached on.
That made two finds - time for another one -- I returned to the car - drove a little way and then hit the trail again and Noni found the cache right away. I know for sure it was not there last time I was here -- it was lying right out in the open so obvious -- well I rehid it -- hopefully in the spot it is suppose to be.

Time for one more cache -- back to the huge stump - Noni and I looked all over it - NO luck here again. I see other people are finding it when I look at past log entries -- I must be blind.