Tuesday, August 28, 2012

traffic and friends


25th Noni and I drove to Vancouver – stuck – there has been a car accident – we sat at the side of the road waiting in the scorching heat for 20 minutes. Turn on the radio and it is announced that the police have opened the road way and that traffic is now moving. I look around – yea right – no traffic in either lane has moved. Later I find out some people have been waiting 2.5 hours. I got off lucky with only a twenty minute wait – but now we were moving – slowly but moving.   We drive to down town Vancouver - crowded – lots of construction happening and so many people – we inch our way forward. Three hours later we arrive at our destination and visit with our friends before we head to the night market. This is a touristy event that happens on the weekends during the summer. I have been wanting to take Noni here for a while but I am always working and so tired. Now I have the opportunity and I am going to make use of it. The food was good but expensive – we ate sticky rice with pork – lamb k-bobs – shrimp or crab things. Venders were selling all kinds of different things nothing of special interest to me. I did see a hat I liked but when I looked at the price I put it back quickly. I want a gulf style hat for work – I look good in these I think. One hat is 23 dollars or two for 35. You got to be kidding me. After this we went to Mac Donald’s to have a drink and then we went home arriving around 12 midnight. Traffic was not a problem on the return trip  - but so surprised that when we arrived in Squamish there was people every where and traffic. Squamish Alive was just closing down is the explanation.  Squamish was hosting a music festivle and so people from all over have swollen and stretched my little community. My little town normally goes to sleep by 6 pm- yes - you can walk down town after 6 and you would be alone except at the local bars.

26st Today after church – was the church picnic. I was at first a little unhappy – I am tired – I just want to rest - but after friends began to arrive at camp – yes the picnic was at my camp and I am the official host – I felt better. It was like a shot of happiness. I do enjoy being around my church family and being able to talk and share with like minded people. I haven't been at church in a while because I work every Sunday – not sure how to describe it. I do love to be in the house of the Lord – I can relate to the psalms when they describe it –or how some popular songs proclaim -  you don't know what you have till it is gone – or you don't know how bless you are until the blessing is removed – however you look at it -  I did not know how much I missed going to church until today when I went. It was so refreshing, so up lifting, so comforting, so life giving to weary dry bones.
So after the service we head back to the camp and what did we see at the side of the road trying to cross but a momma bear and her two cubs. I past and look in the review mirror I see the three of them get across safe and sound. Sighting a bear always makes me happy, but knowing they made it across with out any problems really cheered me up. So many don't.

Last night which was the 27th we went out to eat with Mom. She had promised us a meal a long time ago and so we took her up on it. We went to a restaurant called the Living room – cost her 130 dollars by the time she paid the bill, which included a 15 dollar tip. The back drop is an old gulf course that has closed down but they keep the shape of the greens which are now very brown and dry. There still is a nice pond with a fountain spouting water into the air. The waitress said that in the evening lots of wild life can be seen like bears and coyotes and that there is an otter living in the pond . The restaurant is part of a new hotel using the space of an old garage refurbished. But the large garage doors have been kept and when it is hot they open and in the cold season they closed – but it has the nice open concept feeling and clear views of the forest and mountains in the back. Mom ate her NY steak with mashed potatoes and roast vegetables. I had a 8oz rib eye with the potatoes and vegetables and Noni ate the halibut and quino. It was tasty. 
Mom does not get out much and work has kept me so busy I decide to finish this day by driving up the mountain to visit one of our friends from church for a quick visit.  Mom was very happy and I think our friend was very surprised to see us there.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Squamish Estuary

16th August
And SO -- since we are off 3/4 of the day we will kayak at the Squamish Estuary – and so we did.
Leaving just before 9 A:M eating breakfast at Burger King then driving over to the estuary. We were on the water by 9:15 and off 11:30.
It was a pleasant morning. Relaxing, Hot but not unbearable. I did not bring any water with us – you would think I would know better by now and do so – but I didn't and I was getting quite thirsty.
And so on the water with the mountains in the background – sun shining – I enjoyed the company of Noni and Dalhouise -- and --- Canadian Geese – Blue Herons – a Seal – Sandpipers – a Jelly fish – can not forget the seagulls or terns.

Confessions – Declaration – I do Believe

Who is Jesus

Confessions – Declaration – I do Believe

1. Jesus is the Messiah - the anointed Son of God
2. Jesus is the creator / sustaining of all of creation - visible and invisible
3. Jesus is the exact representation of God's being
4. Jesus is superior to all angels
5. Jesus is superior to all / any other man - Adam, Abraham, Moses, the Prophets
6. Jesus is the founder of the new covenant
7. Jesus is the Way / Truth / Life with God
8. Jesus sacrifice at the Cross paid the penalty of sin once and for all
9. Jesus died for our sins - he was buried - that he was raised on the third day
10. Jesus is now exalted to the right hand of God the Father
11. Jesus is coming back.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

End of July

29 July --- 1 August 2012
Now Noni and I must attend to our hair as we are looking a little shaggy. Well I am – Noni looks beautiful always ..
Planning on going to Vancouver Monday to eat Dim Sum – authentic Chinese food – at our favorite Chines restaurant. At this time we are thinking about bringing our bikes to pedal the Stanley Park Seawall. Tuesday I am thinking I would like to go kayaking at Porteau Cove Provincial Park – I understand there are some “painting' on the cliffs 20 minutes from Squamish going south towards Vancouver. However there is danger because in the afternoons the winds pick up and the tide comes in. We live at the end of Howe Sound – this begins in Vancouver and has mountains on both sides so we get a funnel effect with the winds off the Pacific Ocean. But still the view will be awesome. I am getting old – concern about safety now – in the past I would just do it – but now the tide and wind and distance has me concern – because if we do this – we will be on our own out on the ocean in isolation. There are still some hikes I would like to do also before it becomes cold and wet again – So many options – decisions because I live an a very beautiful area. I must keep in mind also that next week we will be very busy again 167 people for two weeks – and because of my accident I do have physical limitations not to mention I am 51 and not 25 years old. But I am not yet ready for the nursing homes... Some of the places I want to go – well I know are beyond my ability now – but still we have easier areas to explore and discover – limitless.......
Well here it is the 1st of August 012. (30 July012) Noni and I did travel to Vancouver with the bikes attached to the back of our car and ate Dim Sum at our favorite restaurant (Tung Sing Chin Seafood Restaurant) We ordered 9 different menu choices. One of my favorite dishes is the squid in curry and most favorite is the shrimp dumpling. I need the menu to tell or describe the other dishes – but they are all so good – well may be not – One time I order tripe and I did not like that. Chicken feet or web duck feet I have tried – enjoyed – but not to be ordered often..
After eating excess amounts almost on the gluttony side of things we headed out the door to Russell Food Equipment supply store. Noni wants a piping bag that is lined with plastic. We tried ordering one from Sysco but they sent the wrong type so I returned them. So since we are off and in Vancouver on a work day we made a stop and purchased the piping bags and of course took a good look at other merchandise.
Then it was time to enjoy biking at Stanley Park. We parked the car near the aquarium and gardens. The roses are still in bloom and other plants are so colorful. We did not go very fast – taking pictures and more pictures. I can feel the stress leave this old soul.
Not sure where we were heading or where we were exactly we just kept riding. Ah I smell the salt air and see the water. There it is the famous seawall. We bike on over to this and begin a delightful pedal in the park for four hours. There is a portion of the path for walking and a portion for roller blades and bikes. At first I was on the walking path – was thinking we were on the wrong spot when we were advise to move before we get a ticket so we got ourselves situated on the right path keeping to the left so others could pass. It was quite busy and we heard bells – and people saying behind us “passing”. This was a happy afternoon of cycling – something I have wanted to do for awhile. Leaving the seawall we biked up a very steep hill. I was able to pedal all the way to the top – Oh how far I have come – just 4 years ago I could not climb even the smallest incline of a hill. It is the little things like this that seem to jump out to show the progress my body has recovered from that accident. So Noni and I have been cycling and just enjoying ourselves on this one way track. OK – how do we return to our car. WE are now off the seawall on gravel path in the park. Eventually we come to the paved road – but once again it is one way and not in the direction I want to go. Well I am “lost” and I know I must go the wrong direction to get back to the car and so I did so. We have traveled far, much further than expected but still we must get back to the car. On the way to our car Noni gets to see her first raccoon. I had my camera ready and got a couple good pictures before it disappeared into the bushes. We get back to our car before we get a parking ticket and head back to camp for the night.
(31 August 012) had a very good night sleep after our cycling event yesterday. But it is our second day off and so we must make the most of it. We have our paychecks so off to the bank to deposit and then to the provincial park (Porteau Cove) We had our kayaks on the ocean by 11 am and enjoyed 2.5 hours of sun and waves. I did not get to see any Indian paintings on the cliffs, but I did see a kingfisher, bald eagle, blue heron, seal and several other types of birds. It was a little windy by the time we began but not too bad, but by the time we decided to stop – well Noni was scared and I was happy to be going with the wind and not fighting it head on. It was like surfing on our return to the car. I got very wet. Waves soaked me right to my skin. This is one reason you should use a skirt on the kayak, which I decided to leave at home because it is a pain to put on. The water was cool – but who cares I was enjoying myself and was a little sad that we were stopping. Later in the afternoon Noni and I did get a hair cut. Thinking about it – in July it has cost me just under 100 dollars for three hair cuts – Dalhouise – Noni and me.
We picked up our laundry – yesterday we dropped three comforters into the laundry and picked up today. Normally we would wash large items ourselves at the Laundromat – our condo washing machine is too small for our comforters – and because time is precious to us right now I did not want to waste an afternoon doing laundry. We stopped in and had a short visit with mom and then back to the condo and then camp for the night.
This brings us to 1 August my half day off. I cooked breakfast and prepared supper for staff. Noni and I are off again to Brohm Lake Provincial park to hike another trail we have not yet done. Perfect day for a hike – a little sun – a little cloud – a little breeze. Not too crowded and not alone. Always have concern about meeting a cougar or bear on the paths. Once again I do not have a map – and off we go not quite sure where we are heading. We wanted to go to Tantalus Look out and as we hiked we came to cross roads – they posted a map but it was not very helpful to me. I am not sure if we actually ended up where we wanted to go or not – it was not a very good look out – but the hike was fun and we did not meet any wildlife. We did the loop and ended the hike tired but happy.