Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Picnicking -Stanley Park

Waking up this morning with no real plan... I had mentioned to Noni that we should go to Vancouver again to buy some speciality coffee that she likes.  Well once uttered it becomes written in stone it seems, so since the sky was clear off we went.  Of course I had plans developing in my head to walk some of the Seawall at Stanley Park to look for birds and to geocache.  I am pleased with the bird I seen and that I could identify
-- Black Oystercatchers - Double Crested Cormorants - Surf Scoters - common Goldeneyes -
Barrow's Goldeneyes - Mallard Ducks - Buffleheads.... And gulls of some type and possible a loon but can not be sure.
We bought our lunch in the Asian market and took it to the beach.  Perfect day for a picnic - sitting on a bench looking over the glass ocean.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


This morning - I did it again I left my camera at home when I took Dalhouise to the local park to do his business before we went to church... Wouldn't you know at the park sitting on the ground only a few feet away was a Western Meadowlark. I could kick myself...  
Went to church, worshipped - had fellowship then came home. While Noni prepared some lunch I took Dalhouise back to the park this time with the camera. Well just as I suspected there were No birds.. 
So I headed home - still somewhat hopeful - last year I seen one between the houses - - where there used to be a meadow / field -- they built four house on this piece of land, in the last two years. Well I seen it.. And I was able to get a couple of decent pictures.

And to make this even a better day - I found my loss Arcteryx glove 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

estuary walk

It was a good day with me sighting 14 species of birds. I even seen my first Robin of this year... In Ontario the first sighting was always an encouragement that winter was almost gone - spring has arrive. I don't think it means the same here in BC, nevertheless it is my first Robin of the year. 

I had all the regular birds show up at the condo then I went for a walk in part of the Estuary near downtown. Happily I can say that I identified six more birds Species.

Can you tell the difference.  Top is a Common Goldeneye and bottom is a Bufflehead.

Then on the way home I saw three Bald Eagles that were perched in the trees. It was a good day. I exercised and got fresh air.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Walking in the Sunshine

Once again I will take you on a ramble around the pond with me.

Feeling still icky - nevertheless I went with camera around neck to walk the Mashiter Side Channel with Dalhouise.  The sun is out - so bright after days of rain, snow, overcast ness ... I spotted seven Eagles, and a flock of hooded Mergansers and Mallard Ducks.  Walking was a little tricky as the ground was frozen - pass people steps - from pass walking the trail frozen up making for very uneven ground.  I am so thankful for my hiking poles that help stabilize me.
The temperature is warm and the sun is out maybe I should go out again.. Force some fresh air into
my lungs

Monday, January 5, 2015


The snow fell and fell. 
For Christmas we received snowshoes as gifts, my wife and I, and today was a perfect time to try them out.  I was dressed head to foot in my Arterx outerwear, except my rain coat.  Yes I should had been wearing my Arterx raincoat as the snow has turned into a light drizzle of rain.
I haven't snowed shoeed in years - many years to be exact.  I was not even sure if I could, after the head on car collision I lived through.  Today was just a brief trial run (walk) and to my delight I can do it.  Howbeit my thigh muscles were screaming by the time I stopped. I can't blame that on the accident but only on old age and not being in shape.

I was deserted.... My little dog was with me but soon left me to return to wait for my return near the parked car at the office building.  He is no fool... But then again he is turning 13 this June.
I am surprised not to see any bird life or tracks of animal life, as I roamed about the woods.

This is where Dalhouise stopped and turned around and ran back to the main office

On my way I passed this truck that had a hard time to stay on the road.  All I can is most likely he was traveling to fast for the conditions out side.

The drive was nice today as I head out...

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Snow day bird watching

I have not postd for awhile because I could not include any pictures. I am now using an I Pad and could not figure out how to.

Today is a snow day (4 January) and I have been sick with a flu and cold for the last week or so.  I wanted so bad to go out and explore, but listening to wisdom I stayed in. I have been feeding the birds on my third floor balcony of my condo and today was a good day to sit in my favourite arm chair and enjoy the company of my wild friends.
No the eagle did not visit me, he was seen on one of my walks with Dalhouise. 
So who came today? 
European Starlings

House  Finch

Spotted Towhee

Stellar Jay

Northern Flicker

House Sparrow

Dark Eye Junco

Black Cap Chickadee

So I had a good day