Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Picnicking -Stanley Park

Waking up this morning with no real plan... I had mentioned to Noni that we should go to Vancouver again to buy some speciality coffee that she likes.  Well once uttered it becomes written in stone it seems, so since the sky was clear off we went.  Of course I had plans developing in my head to walk some of the Seawall at Stanley Park to look for birds and to geocache.  I am pleased with the bird I seen and that I could identify
-- Black Oystercatchers - Double Crested Cormorants - Surf Scoters - common Goldeneyes -
Barrow's Goldeneyes - Mallard Ducks - Buffleheads.... And gulls of some type and possible a loon but can not be sure.
We bought our lunch in the Asian market and took it to the beach.  Perfect day for a picnic - sitting on a bench looking over the glass ocean.

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