Sunday, January 4, 2015

Snow day bird watching

I have not postd for awhile because I could not include any pictures. I am now using an I Pad and could not figure out how to.

Today is a snow day (4 January) and I have been sick with a flu and cold for the last week or so.  I wanted so bad to go out and explore, but listening to wisdom I stayed in. I have been feeding the birds on my third floor balcony of my condo and today was a good day to sit in my favourite arm chair and enjoy the company of my wild friends.
No the eagle did not visit me, he was seen on one of my walks with Dalhouise. 
So who came today? 
European Starlings

House  Finch

Spotted Towhee

Stellar Jay

Northern Flicker

House Sparrow

Dark Eye Junco

Black Cap Chickadee

So I had a good day 

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