Sunday, January 11, 2015


This morning - I did it again I left my camera at home when I took Dalhouise to the local park to do his business before we went to church... Wouldn't you know at the park sitting on the ground only a few feet away was a Western Meadowlark. I could kick myself...  
Went to church, worshipped - had fellowship then came home. While Noni prepared some lunch I took Dalhouise back to the park this time with the camera. Well just as I suspected there were No birds.. 
So I headed home - still somewhat hopeful - last year I seen one between the houses - - where there used to be a meadow / field -- they built four house on this piece of land, in the last two years. Well I seen it.. And I was able to get a couple of decent pictures.

And to make this even a better day - I found my loss Arcteryx glove 

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