Thursday, October 31, 2013

Still in Oregon - in love

What is with it? 
Why am I so drawn to this vehicle? 





They do not make them like this any m

Blue Heron Cheese


This was not what I was expecting - but I am glad we stopped. Once again entry was free but the wallet was a little more empty before we left. 







We are an Oregon-based company celebrating over 30 years in business in the Pacific Northwest. There is something here for the entire family. Sample our famous Blue Heron Brie, try our gourmet foods, taste Oregon's finest wines or wander through our unique gift store. We also have a wonderful petting farm for the kids to visit. If you are looking for a fantastic place to eat lunch, try our Blue Heron Deli with fresh baked bread and homemade soups and salads. So take a day off with family and friends and spend it in the country with us. 

Address: 2001 Blue Heron Rd, Tillamook, OR 97141, United States 

Tillamook Cheese

Entry was free but by the time I was out the door it cost me. 
I guess it cost me double.. I had talked about the Cheese Factory before I even left home and at different places Noni read about the cheese tasting and got excited about making a stop. I knew that a Geo cache was on location also so I was ready. As we stopped along the way at different pull outs to take pictures and look for Geo caches time ran out and the Tillamook Cheese Factory closed as we drove into town. I knew I had to stop and spend the night nearby. This cost me for the hotel - but would had stopped sooner or later anyways. 

Tillamook Cheese Factory – Tillamook Oregon 
Join in on the fun and be one of the million visitors that the Tillamook Cheese Factory sees this year alone. Awarded for producing the “World’s Best Medium Cheddar”, guests from all over the world arrive to learn more about the Tillamook Cheese Factory. The free, interactive, self-guided tour answers all creamery related queries, while giving guests a behind the scenes peak at how their famous cheese is packaged and produced. Afterwards, visitors can enjoy a free sampling of various cheeses to determine their favorites. Stop by the ice-cream counter, with its endless array of Tillamook ice-cream flavors, and indulge in a scoop or two, or grab lunch at the Creamery Cafe. Don’t forget to pick up a treat for the road at the Fudge Counter, where visitors can choose from 30 different flavors of old-fashioned fudge made with rich Tillamook butter. The Tillamook Cheese Factory is open year round and is fun for all ages. 
Visit for more information. 

 Noni got to taste 






This was not the only Cheese place we stopped at - there is one more down the block. 

I must add we tasted many types of cheese - had a sample of the fudge - was able to restrain myself and not buy any - but I can not say that to the cheese. I walked out the door with over 60 dollars in cheese. I really liked the Old sharp Cheddar Cheese. 
I almost made it out the door without buying ice cream - but Noni had stopped - she wanted some and so we bought two ice cream cones. Very good.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Oregon Road Trip - Aquarium


Moving onto another touristy spot that wanted our money. (these are not in order) 
We made a stop to visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium at Newport Oregon. I was not sure if I was going to do so - if you have seen one you have seen then all. Well not exactly true. Yes the fish and otters, seals may all look the same - and the tank where you get to touch the living strange sea critters - but here they went a step further. They had made caves and rock cliffs that you walked through to the different exhibitions. 
I really enjoyed going into the bird aviary. Spent some time in there taking pictures and just observing the different birds and did the same later at another caged off Turkey vulture exhibition. 
As we approached the underwater tunnel we learnt that it was just about feeding time for the sharks - perfect timing - and Noni and I watched fish chunks that were thrown into the tank get devoured by hungry sharks of different sizes and classifications. 
(I took pictures but because of the glass reflections, they did not turn out so well.) 


 Turkey Vulture 





So just before we hit the road again we had to refuel 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oregon Road trip - Sea Lion Cave


Sea Lion Caves - a must see is what I was told. We went - we saw (kind of). 
The good part is that we did see the Sea Lions out swimming and one laying on the rocks when we did a pull over. 



The Sea lions are out feeding right now - we heard lots of barking - but none in the caves. The ticket agent reduced the price four dollars each because of this regular fourteen dollars to go down and so we were only charged ten each. The caves are interesting in them selves - but it would had been so much more awarding if there were sea lions. 
They say that the caves began over 25 million years ago ( I do not believe in the old earth creation theory) Now the interior soars to the height of a 12 story building and stretches the full length of a football field. 
The owners of the cave claim that great care is taken to avoid disturbing these Stellar Sea Lions that have decided to make this area their home. 


Stellar Sea Lions are a warm blooded mammal which gives birth, nurses its young and must breath air.. Sea Lion bulls when fully grown can weigh up to a ton. 
I was told during my tour that right now before winter - they are out feeding and that when they return to the cave - they will stay in here - give birth and not go out to feed again till next spring. We just did the road trip at the wrong time of year..... 




By the way I found a Geo cache in the upper parking lot.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Oregon Road trip #1

Now that I am back home, time to reflect and share. 
I wish I were a better writer that could woo you and capture your imagination as you read - but I am not but I will do my best to make it not so boring. 

I am going to start by briefly telling you of a man I met from Amsterdam who is cycling around the world. He has already cycled in Russia - China - Indonesia and many other counties as well but these are the ones standing out in my mind. I met him at the Oregon / California border. He was taking a picture at the sign when I also pulled over to take a picture and to find a Geo cache. 


After talking with him I forgot all about searching for the two nearby caches and drove off. 
When I was younger I had always dreamed about cycling across Canada and into the United States. That dream died the older I became.. but look at that man - he is not young - is it still possible for me? Well Noni enjoys cycling but not that much.. and I have pins holding my left knee together so I think Not! 

As we drove past many bikes loaded with side bags and brightly colored vests I kept thinking I could do this.I wish I could stop and get out to talk to them all and offer them a bottle of water. Once when I was in Cyprus I did just that - I past a man who was on a very large incline -- I drove by - I stopped at a store at the top - bought ice cream and turned around and gave it to him with some cold water. He was so happy. 

So this could be Noni and my bike some day - doing a shorter tour. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The first day Laid Off

Today the first day of many. 
It is weird not having to wake up and cook breakfast - or getting back to the kitchen to cook and serve supper. Lunch -- I am always there to cook lunch so it is an automatic happening that I do. I would get a break in the afternoon so I would leave the kitchen only to worry about the supper and watch the time so I could do so on time.. but that is over now for six months.. 
So what did I do today -- well it is Noni's birthday so we went to Vancouver ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant -- over ate and she over ordered. She selected 10 the past we chose 7 and that is too much for two people .. and the real sad part is that we ate most of it. 
After leaving the restaurant I went Geo caching - found one very easy and then went looking for one I could not find last time. I have been watching the home page and others are finding it with difficulty but they are finding it.. so I tried again with no luck. 
I gave up this time and went looking for another nearby. I found the area then I read the whole write up about it - you must climb a tree.. Yes climb a tree I looked up at the tree - NO WAY -- I am not going to do that - I must find a young person who is not afraid of heights to climb and bring it to me... 
Then we went to the mall - I bought Noni a new bathing suit - Happy birthday honey. 
Wandering around the mall till the movie was open for us to enter.. 
Captain Phillips ****** I can not give it enough praise. We were both glued to our seats watching this.. no squirming because of the length - it is the best movie I have seen in a very long time. 

A few moments along the road I realized I had forgotten my camera - sorry I can not post pictures of our lunch.. Although Noni had her camera maybe I can post later :) 

So this was day one, only 182 more to enjoy. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Final countdown - the end


The last morning driving to work at the camp. Today I fed six staff - three more came in late said good bye and they left without eating. 
So I have empty the cabin yesterday - the person who is to live in it for the next six months has already begun moving in. I was going to clean it today but he was there before I arrived and was doing it himself - he couldn't sleep so he came over he told me.. OK I don't need to clean it then. 

Next - going to the kitchen I turn on the grill - I fry potatoes left over from yesterday throwing in the sausage that was left over as well. I cooked large cheese omelets for the three staff that were there - I know they are big eaters and it is going to be a hard morning of splitting wood for them. 
I continue to empty the kitchen - load the car -- the owner has told me to take the remaining food to the `helping hands` 
So that is it I have left the camp - I am finished - 

dining room with my swing and kayaks in it for winter storage 

empty kitchen - minus the piano that will be moved in some time later... 


Walk in cooler empty and turned off 


Thus ends my 2013 Camp Season. For those of you who have came along for the ride I hope you had enjoyed the highs and lows of my sharing of my life. I have written - maybe some times things I should not have - but it was how I felt and what was happening in my life at that time. 
What is next? 
Well stay tuned in - I have a couple of road trips I want to take - that should give me something interesting to write about. 

The one thing I do know - I must concentrate on loosing some weight - I should have lost during the past six months - I gained - not too much so now it is time to lose again. 
I will have more control now that it is only Noni and I and don't forget Dalhouise.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some times I just need to go look at what the kids are doing to remember why I am here. Stuck in the kitchen with the never ending job of ordering - preparing and cooking the meals and watching over everything in the kitchen area one forgets of the happenings in the program areas. 



However so the kids can play they need to eat - and to eat we need to clean .. 

Eating is the best though. 

 baked potato - corn 

 fruit bowl 


 banana bread 

the favorite Haystack or chocolate macaroon 

 Cinnamon bun

So you see - and this was only today -- can you understand now some of my frustrations over the past months.. I have a lot on my shoulders - 
My wife and I do all the cooking / baking / salads. 
Home made soup every lunch - 30 to 40 item salad bar ever lunch - fresh fruit and to deal with good and not so good kitchen dishwashers.. program staff who just seem not to get information correct to me ... 
But it is all ending -- two more meals to serve the guest.. and two days to feed staff.