Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February so far

I have been walking around the pond watching birds. 
I have gone Geo caching a couple of times with success. 
I have went into the forest Goe caching / HIKE and came out of the woods far away from where I left my parked car and very close to home - so I went home and phoned a friend to drive me back to my car. I think he laughed at me - then he was surprised how far I actually walked. 
Chinese New Year Parade - it a sunny cool day but Noni and I enjoyed it once again. I was a little confused -- I thought we were at least an hour or more so early - but it began within fifteen minutes of our arrival. That was good - I do not like waiting... I was happy with our location where we sat on the cold cement ledge of the road. My butt was a little cold - discomfort but not freezing I was wearing long underwear pants - wind /rain pants on my lower portion and on top I had several warm outdoor styles of clothing on - I was so cozy that I didn't even zip up these layers while everyone around me was cold... I don't like being cold so I over dressed to say the least. 
Then yesterday news has made me sad and feeling sorry for my EX wife. 
Reading my daughters Facebook - then talking to my daughter - I find out the man my ex left me for many years ago died yesterday. That was a strange relationship - I heard things - but they have been together at least fifteen years I think now. She has never lived on her own - I am not sure if she can even cook - she could not when she was my wife and her boyfriend/ partner was also a cook so she never went into the kitchen. I was happy for them once the shock of this adulteress relation past over the years. Now she is alone. Unfortunate she does not have good relations with our children - not much support will be given -- I just feel so sorry / sad for her lot in life - I do not see much hope - joy - well being in it. And now she is alone.