Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Resolutions and Diets

New Year Resolutions and Diets
What happened to all my Christmas postings – they might come later with some reflecting thoughts, but for now I am getting ready for a new adventure. It is a time for renewal – new plans – new desires – new goals. All is good for about a week or so then everything falls flat and old habits – old patterns take hold once more. No .. Not this time.
I have enter a competition with two other men from my church who have been dieting for a while and were being followed by the local newspaper I think from some city competition. The one man has lost about 40 lb and still has more to go and his son. I do not know the son's start weight or his present weight but he was wanting others to join him to keep him motivated to loose. I agreed. So my blog is going to change directions for a while. We are going on a Diet
Goal – I want to loose 41.2 lb.
First goal marker is 15 lb by 25 February 013.
Life is going to change – I like to eat – I don't always exercise – I like to eat lots – I also do not like to loose and I am very competitive and so the challenge is on.
So 31 December is the first official day and weigh in of our competition- but I have began today.

Breakfast: two slices of bacon, two fried eggs, 1/2 cup of sweet potato and a cup of orange juice = 385 calories.
Lunch: one hamburger patty and 1/2 a whole wheat bun - salad = 405 calories
Supper: Canned Tomato soup 1.5 cups – tuna salad 60g = 296 calories

This day's total 1086 calories – 153 carbs – 32 fat – 54 protein

I am going to starve to death .............

Saturday, December 22, 2012


 Going to the library is such a wonderful activity to do on a winter afternoon.
Sitting near the gas fireplace – reading magazines that might have one or two interesting articles mixed with so many unwanted advertisements from my perspective. I used to subscribe to many different magazines but became so disappointed with the garbage of so many advertisements that I just stopped.
Today as I browsed some of my old favorite – nothing has changed – but now it was free. The pictures were amazing – the writing – well I read a little but mostly just looked at the pictures.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Parade

Santa Clause parade. Noni and I volunteer to participate with our church in the Squamish Christmas parade. The theme was a reminder that Christmas is all about the Cross – just to remind people that Christmas is not about presents - Santa or  shopping but because God became human and dwelt with us as a flesh and blood person. Being born of the virgin Mary – growing up – being hated by people who should had loved him – Nailed to a cross – to pay the price / to appease God the Father from the judgement that we deserve – giving us the privilege to be born a new into the family of God. It is all about the Cross – Death – hope – FORGIVENESS – to those who will believe/ accept it.
Christmas is about real life - real relationships - about the meaning of Life - our purpose of existence and the reason of why there is evil in our world.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Serenity now. There is something about getting out side on that first snow fall of the season. Peace – a time to reflect and soak up the beauty of the winter.
Regrets – now and then I begin to regret / miss my house in Mountain Grove Ontario that I chose to leave. I had purchased a house in the country – surrounded by a meadow and ponds a wooded area. I had gardens – and chickens and other animals to keep me company not to mention the wild life that lived in the woods and ponds – but mostly I miss the ponds and the creek that marked the boundary of my property. This day (18th Dec) as I walked the snow covered trail just around the corner from my condo – I realize I still have and so much more of this serenity of the woodlands, meadows , pond life all within a five minute walk the new chosen dwelling place I call home.
There is no reason to have feelings of regret – this life I now live is so much better in all ways from the old – pre accident way of life. So I force from my mind these thoughts that would cause me not to be content with all the blessing I now have.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Murrin Park Lake - Alice Lake

Murrin Park Woke up to a day        (14th Dec ) without rain falling, it would be good to get out for a walk were my thoughts. When we drive to and from Vancouver we pass this little lake which often has people fishing from it shore's. We would often make the comment that we too must stop and explore this. Today is the day. I knew the lake was little, you can see the whole lake from the road – but I thought there would be hiking trails leading into the wilderness. If there is – I could not find any. Talking about a stroll in the park – that was all it was. So we head back home. Listening to the radio is how we heard about the horrid tragedy in Connecticut 
– stopping at Tim Horton’s for two vanilla coffees and stroll in Walmart. Later in the day we decided to go on another hike since the first one was so short and a disappointment – we get back into the Vibe and go to Alice Lake. Not many people are out and about – and it was much more gloomy. however this  did not stop us we as we hiked around our second lake today.

My thoughts kept wandering about the people in Connecticut – grief – how many families affected – 20 dead children = 40 parents = 160 grandparents and how many brothers and sisters – uncles and aunts. So many families that will never be the same - 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Light shines in the darkness

While returning home from visiting our friends we drove by this house. I had to stop and take pictures.
Why is one question I asked my self would some one go to such extremes to decorate their home in such elaborate ways. Are they just showing off? Are they declaring the Lords birth in a manner as worthy as they know how?
I have lights up to proclaim the Christian message in the dark of the night that the Lord Jesus is born

Friday, December 14, 2012

unbearable grief and sorrow

 I made this comment on my friend's (Tyler) blog but thought I would include it in my own blog posting as well- my day has been one of joy and happiness and of great sorrow. Grieving for the unbearable loss of those families in Connecticut - people I do not know yet this tragedy touches us all.
How can we even begin to comprehend - feel the sorrow of those families so many young children - innocent - (think of children Maya 's age - going to school - think about Parky or Daphene kissing her and sending her out the door - to hear a short time later that she was shot... DEAD - never to be seen by the living again....)
Unimaginable - yet this is the reality of 20 families right this moment - and forever during this life time.
Christmas a time of joy - happiness - will now be a time of great sorrow - grief - -- my heart just aches with grief.

 The random acts of violence in our society demonstrates how desperately wicked we are. When people in the news ask why? My question in return is why not? If we have no ultimate standard to appeal to in our society, and are simply left to our own self-declared authority, then how is a massacre any different than a day at the beach? I am not claiming that I am any better or beyond evil, since I share in the same fallen humanity, but the Law of God acts as a restraint, and if it is not taught to our children then we are abusing them and are more likely to grow up despairing in the meaninglessness of it all, so why not be bad? What is bad anyway if there is no real truth, but a social construct and nothing more.

We need to turn to the bible - listen to the words of life and turn to the Living God - and change our ways.

Whistler Peak 2 Peak

               Did you watch the movie Frozen?
Noni and and I take a road trip to Whistler on December 12 and decided to go up the record-breaking PEAK 2 PEAK Gondola  that is an engineering marvel that links Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains together at their peaks. Boasting the longest unsupported lift span in the world (3.024 kilometres or 1.88 miles), it is also the highest lift of its kind with an elevation of 436 metres  /1,427 feet.
  The sun was shining – skies clear and so the views were out of this world. Time is a factor – we started the day late. Waiting in line to board the gondola I hear that there is only a couple of hours before closing – and it takes 1/2 hour to reach the top, and once we reached the top we would see amazing views.  The information I received was true – the view was breath taking 
 – the air was crisp but too cold even though temperatures were -6 c at the top. This was the top of peak one – we still had the opportunity to use another gondola to cross to another mountain peak. My camera was clicking away – then it started beeping at me – I have filled a 16g memory card. Well not all today – but never the less – my camera's memory card can not take any more pictures. I had to stop and delete older pictures to make room for all of today's Peak 2 Peak experience.

We reach the second Peak – the restaurant has just closed. There are skiers still around but not as many that were on the other side – and even less by the time we wander back to the gondola to head back down. We board a gondola all to ourselves, but first I ask the attendant if we could board and he said he yes, but he said we could not return here today – no more incoming guest today. So we stepped aboard our empty gondola and began our journey back -
We were about half way across when we STOPPED moving. Right away our minds thought back to the movie Frozen - I am not sure how long we were actually motionless – it seemed a lot longer than it actually was – but it is an experience I don't want to repeat. Interesting to see the fear in Noni's eyes – but I enjoyed observing how she handled it. Turning to the Lord in prayer and song.

I give her comforting words – look out the window – like the movie I am thinking of whether I could jump to the ground having the spruces beak my fall.
  I am not prepared to spend the night on a gondola – even now my toes are getting cold and my fingers are a little numb. Did they shut down the gondola? – do they know we are here? How will they rescue us even if they know we are here? ( Like I said we are about the half way point). So many thoughts rushing my brain... Even all during this I was calm – trusting God – knowing all would be OK and when motion was detected – yes we are moving again. Back on the first Peak the crowds are smaller and all the restaurants are closed here also – but that is fine with me – we will eat when we get to the base of the mountain back in the village. Once again we step into a empty gondola which gives me ample opportunities to take pictures. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life changing reflection 30 Sept 2006

When Scripture says that when we make plans we really must add to the planning the key ingredient – “If the Lord allows”. I had the weekend all planned out and then a vacation. Well I got the vacation part right as it took . On the Saturday September 30th 2006, I changed shifts with Jim L. so I could work early and then finish the kitchen’s year end inventory. Sunday morning I would come to work cook breakfast and lunch do an order for the up coming week and then be off for a week’s vacation.
I can not say much about this ride into work, except God is very gracious and kind and loving. Being alert and seeing a light glaring into my eyes, hearing the crumbling of metal and the revving of an engine and this awful smell of deflated airbags.
Time is not steady for me at this time as I look back and realize that I must have drifted in and out of consciousness. I remember being aware that I was still alive, aware that the car was very much out of shape and that I was pinned inside of it. As I became conscience I was a little upset with God --
I wanted to be Home with Him – you do not survive a head on car collision at this speed and survive.....
Then I remember I had a cell phone with me and to my surprise it worked in an area where normally there is no coverage. I very rarely bring it to work as there is no coverage – dead zones, but this day I grabbed it on the way out the door. Even at the road side at the accident site another car had stopped and tried to use their cell phone but it did not work but I was talking away to the 911 operator.
I remember the fire trucks arriving first – then the ambulance. I remember having a firefighter in the car next to me – covering the shattered window with a heavy blanket so it would not collapse on me. Drifting in and out of conscience I would wake to hear discussions among the firefighters of what blades to use to cut my car to pieces to get me out. Watch his leg I heard once – don't use the long blade use the short one. Final remembrance of being pinned in the car – they are telling me they are going to lift me out now – I asked if they were lifting the car seat and me all together – NO – and then I am man handled out of the car and laid on the ground – or stretcher – then the pain. Oh unbelievable Pain - my knees were bent and they straighten one leg. I was told after by another friend who was one of the firefighters that I did a lot of yelling. I remember threatening who ever it was – being talked to calmly and coming to reason that they had to straighten my other leg. I recollect a question about the one leg feeling better already – and it was - so logically they had to straighten the other leg.
Remembering the drive to the hospital picturing going around every curve in my mind as I have driven that road so many times – they took a turn and I very alertly asked where they were going – ah a faster route to the hospital was the attendants answer– not my regular city route.
Once again time is missing, I wake up and Tim E. is sitting with me, don’t know what we talked about but he was there. On another occasion I woke up and Steve L. is chattering away, I hope I carried on an intelligent conversation.
As I laid in bed at the hospital I often wondered what the nurses thought. I had so many visitors, and not all of one age group. So many of the younger spring and summer staff of Camp IAWAH dropped in and our older staff not to mention my ageing church family as well. There were so many phone calls and get well cards; I can’t believe it still - all these acts of kindness to a person who is often alone tucked away in the kitchen out of sight. There is so much more to say and be thankful for. There were gifts of money, gifts of food, gifts of wood, ( I had a wood burning fireplace for heating) gifts of enabling me to get out of the house, gifts of company, coming to my house which is so far off of the beaten path, gifts of reading material and movies to watch. All in all the gifts of Time that people took to express God’s Love and for their own love to me -- Thank you so much.

I want to share about God's provision. Two weeks prior, my daughter and two grand children move in with me – before this I lived alone with chickens – rabbits – ducks and two dogs and a cat and homing pigeons. Donna the city girl had to learn how to take care of all these as I was unable too for then next year. And she was there when the hospital sent me home to recover. Without her being there I do not know what would have happened to all my critters or where I would had gone – Nine months confined to a bed, or a wheel chair.
(the other car) 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A reflection 19 Sept 2006

19 September 06
I was thinking it has been such a long time since I took the kayak off the shore to hit any water . This was confirmed when I tried to flip the Kayak over to find it stuck with grape vines holding it fast. So with a little more effort of pulling and tugging it broke free and slid into the pond with the my Muskogee ducks. It is a little early for the leaves to change color but the season is changing. There is that fresh nip in the air that comes after a hot and hazy summer. Some of the trees are premature in turning red and most of the pond brushes have a yellowish tinge and as I look around I wonder to my self where have all the water lilies gone. It almost looks like some small child has come along and snapped the tops off of all the white and yellow water lilies leaving only the stems and the large flat leaf floating on the surface of the water. I am looking for my three ducks but there is no sign of them, later this day I have all six appear on the lawn looking for their supper but I have no idea where they are now. 

My four  Muskogee ducks were a little perturb with me as I slid my bright orange kayak into their pond. I hear some wild ducks out on the pond on the far shore but they flew off as I approach. I wonder if my ducks are thinking about joining them on their journey south as the nights are cold and days well lets say summer is definitely over. I lazily paddle across the pond following the channel that flows from the beaver dam in my yard to some source beyond eye sight.
I glide past the beaver lodge and I try to remember when it was that I had seen or heard Mr. Beaver slapping his tail last. There is life on the pond now: as I think back to last January, I was sure that nothing lived here but now birds are gathering in flocks of different sizes, fluttering from tree to tree. A large blue heron stalks some prey just off to my side. I have already mentioned the ducks but no geese seem to be on the backyard pond only in the pond at the front side of the house, on the other side of the road in front of my house the pond has hundreds of Canadian Geese coming and going. There must be a reason for this but I don’t have any idea what soever of why. I just missed running over a frog who was sunning it self on a water lily in front of the kayak. This brings to my attention that I haven’t seen any turtles sunning them selves out on a log or a rock lately. I know that they are there because this spring they were in my yard planting eggs in spots that one might question why, next to my gardens . Not to mention all the turtle eggs that were dug up on side of the road by Mr. Raccoon. I personally carried two turtles back into the pond after they had an encounter with Ben. I wonder what the frog was thinking – here it was sitting on a warm lily pad enjoying the sun’s rays beaming down with a gentle breeze blowing and all of a sudden his world is crushed by a huge orange log that came from no where and just kept on.  My thoughts turn to think how uncomfortable it is to be sitting on a dock and anticipating that first jump into the cool fresh water of the lake. I know that once I commit my self and leap into the water it will be so refreshing on a unbearable humid day in July but it always take a moment or two to have the body realize this shock is a pleasant experience. Now it is mid Sept and the water is not that refreshing – the air is not that life sucking humidly heat wave. On the contrast we are craving any heat that the summer sun can throw our way knowing that in only a few weeks the world will be frozen and it will seem like a thousand year ago when there was a time that we called summer.
When I look at the front of my kayak and see the millions of life on the bow I think about the children's book from Disney, Horton Hears a Who. The bow is covered in thousands of little bugs. I wonder if each one is living in it s own little private bubble. They are traveling as fast as I paddle into places of the pond I am sure that they would never go to on their own accord – like a man going to the moon to live. Do they have any idea of time and space: once again I think back to different episodes of Star Trek and the Star ship Enterprise being throw into a time loop or tossed across the galaxies from some higher power . I use my paddle to drizzle water over their free loading ferry ride to their new worlds, but soon feel guilty about this act of unkindness so I continue my cruise as I begin to wonder what is happening back on the home front. I had not told Donna that I was out on the pond so I thought Kyla and Montanan might be out in the yard looking for me and Donna assuming I was there so not watching. So with a little more drive I swish through the lily pads to arrive back home to have Ben bark at me to say where have been. So once again I flip the Kayak over and lean the paddle against a tree and wonder if I will be out again before freeze up.