Saturday, December 8, 2012

Noni is arriving

Preparation for my Love home coming.
Feels like my army days when I had to prepare for an inspection coming up, polishing, tucking the bed corners just right, getting the laundry folded and placed in the proper location,(not the floor or corner of the bed), toilets, sinks shined and no NO dust bunnies anywhere to be found --- hmm I hope I did not miss anything..
So I have finished - bed made - vacuumed all carpet areas - dishes all done and put away, swifter dusted all wooded surfaces, bed frame, mirrors, shelves, pictures, chair legs, - toilets cleaned , sinks wiped - garbage out - kitchen floor swept - kitchen table cleaned - my desk area tidy- kitchen floor and bathroom floors mopped. 
Showered - the Vibe has a full tank of fuel - off I go to bring my love home from the Vancouver International airport.

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