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Reflecting by the fire 17 Sept 2006

17 Sept 06
The sun was shining finally after a few days of clouds and rain so I went over to the pond with Ben (Newfoundland dog), picked up the blown over lawn chair and sat down to rest and ponder the season that is approaching fast. Ben was determined that I was to give him my full attention – he kept nuzzling his gigantic head into my face and body so I scratched his ears and his ever wet chin and chest which only encouraged him for more of my attention.. Then something out the TV show, Star Trek. I am sure I was witnessing the evolution process again. I haven’t had my eyes checked in a long time and I did not have my glasses on but I am sure I saw a fish or two walk on the water. I tell no lie. It had a tail fin and the two points acted as legs and it hop, skipped flickered out on the water up right appearing that it was walking. It must have be chased by one of those monster fishes that I have been feeding all spring to be such frantically try to walk on the surface of its world – or because of the sun‘s warmth it really did want to live in the world up above. I watched one - no two - at least two were doing this maneuver right before my eyes..

That was the beginning of my day jumping forward into the late evening.

Donna and I were watching TV together and she said Dad – don’t you hear this – no I haven’t heard anything. She says that a mouse or something is in the front porch – yes now I hear it so I go over to the door open it up . There is no light – it is pitch dark and yes I hear something. My first thought was that this is too loud of a noise to be a tiny mouse so I think it is a raccoon or a skunk. I have forgotten to closed the out side porch door and we have a large smelly bag of garbage sitting in the front of it inviting all wild creates large and small to come and have a snack. Then out of the darkness comes this huge critter, still not quite grasping what it is for a second or two I just stand there with the door open into the house when Ben rambles pass me with his chain fasten tightly around his neck and a mouth full of toast that he has taken from the duck pond sticking out from between his lips. Donna is saying something to me I am just looking – staring at my sheepish dog coming into the house soaking wet dragging a unbreakable chain with his mouth full. Only on TV would something this comical occur – but here it is right before my eyes in reality of life After the movie was over I put on a sweater and grabbed a flash light some dog food and my out door slippers and Ben and I went back to the yard and I found the remaining part of his chain and reconnected his collar and other end to a new tie down about 15 feet shorter then before. I gave him his supper and off to bed I go, I figure this might hold him for a day or so until I figure how else I can contain his love for duck bread and my garbage in the porch.. One of the things I have been thinking about lately because I have no out door lighting in the front of the house and I have these bee hives in the back of the house is – I can see my self going out side and going up to Ben to pet him – or to scold him for being some place that he is not to be and finding out that my Ben is not Ben but a wild and huge black bear who has decided that my hives are for his enjoyment. With my eyes crating these strange illusions and with the darkness of night Ben could be a Bear – Ben could pass for a Bear any time of the day - so why not more so in the darkness of a moonless foggy evening???

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