Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Parade

Santa Clause parade. Noni and I volunteer to participate with our church in the Squamish Christmas parade. The theme was a reminder that Christmas is all about the Cross – just to remind people that Christmas is not about presents - Santa or  shopping but because God became human and dwelt with us as a flesh and blood person. Being born of the virgin Mary – growing up – being hated by people who should had loved him – Nailed to a cross – to pay the price / to appease God the Father from the judgement that we deserve – giving us the privilege to be born a new into the family of God. It is all about the Cross – Death – hope – FORGIVENESS – to those who will believe/ accept it.
Christmas is about real life - real relationships - about the meaning of Life - our purpose of existence and the reason of why there is evil in our world.

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