Monday, December 17, 2012

Murrin Park Lake - Alice Lake

Murrin Park Woke up to a day        (14th Dec ) without rain falling, it would be good to get out for a walk were my thoughts. When we drive to and from Vancouver we pass this little lake which often has people fishing from it shore's. We would often make the comment that we too must stop and explore this. Today is the day. I knew the lake was little, you can see the whole lake from the road – but I thought there would be hiking trails leading into the wilderness. If there is – I could not find any. Talking about a stroll in the park – that was all it was. So we head back home. Listening to the radio is how we heard about the horrid tragedy in Connecticut 
– stopping at Tim Horton’s for two vanilla coffees and stroll in Walmart. Later in the day we decided to go on another hike since the first one was so short and a disappointment – we get back into the Vibe and go to Alice Lake. Not many people are out and about – and it was much more gloomy. however this  did not stop us we as we hiked around our second lake today.

My thoughts kept wandering about the people in Connecticut – grief – how many families affected – 20 dead children = 40 parents = 160 grandparents and how many brothers and sisters – uncles and aunts. So many families that will never be the same - 

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