Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Serenity now. There is something about getting out side on that first snow fall of the season. Peace – a time to reflect and soak up the beauty of the winter.
Regrets – now and then I begin to regret / miss my house in Mountain Grove Ontario that I chose to leave. I had purchased a house in the country – surrounded by a meadow and ponds a wooded area. I had gardens – and chickens and other animals to keep me company not to mention the wild life that lived in the woods and ponds – but mostly I miss the ponds and the creek that marked the boundary of my property. This day (18th Dec) as I walked the snow covered trail just around the corner from my condo – I realize I still have and so much more of this serenity of the woodlands, meadows , pond life all within a five minute walk the new chosen dwelling place I call home.
There is no reason to have feelings of regret – this life I now live is so much better in all ways from the old – pre accident way of life. So I force from my mind these thoughts that would cause me not to be content with all the blessing I now have.

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