Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bali 2009

I am so sun burnt. Noni and I booked a
From the the sea to the mountain , a day out with Bali Tropical Safaris is an adventure back in time. By our Legendary Luxurious 4 Wheel drive Jeep we will bring you to explore the heart and soul of Bali,  through magnificent views of terraced rice fields, visit and feel the original daily Balinese lifestyle, rest in our traditional Gazebo by the beach, and exploring the excitement of the off-beaten-road in the middle of cacao plantation.
. We were driven around in a 4x4 Jeep which I stood up in most of time taking pictures through the opening in the roof - thus my sun burn - Noni sat inside of the jeep, with an occasional top view. Noni and I chose horse back riding along the beach.

 I had difficulty getting off the horse, but getting on was not a problem because we were at the stables and they provided a mounting bench. But when we came to the end of this trail we were at a different location and no stools or benches were provided. It was awkward – both men had to help me dismount. My left leg still is a hindrance in so many ways not doing what I want it to do. I am so pleased about this experience, this has to be one of my life long dreams to do, but I do feel a little sorry for the horse – I am not a light man!

One of our  stops was at a ceramic (pottery) factory, and then later we ate a traditional Bali lunch on some point of land with the ocean breeze blowing to keep us cool - I do not know what it was that I ate , but it was tasty.
I really like the tour - Noni was not so impressed with it - (so later that night at the hotel I paid for her to have a spa treatment - very expensive ((later when we went for a little walk - we saw just out side of our hotel a few yards away another spa one third the price, let that be a lesson to me - do not use hotel specials they are not the best prices.)) So I went swimming in the pool at the hotel as Noni had her spa. The employees in the spa tried very hard to get me to join her - no way..... I will go and enjoy the pool I kept telling them. I refused to buy a soft drink from the pool side bar because a coke was three dollars Canadian - I would not pay that price here or anywhere for that matter, but I did order a fresh coconut at the pool side to drink and eat. That is exotic for a Canadian – and worth the money.

Our hotel was good. Price was not too expensive. I did go swim in the swimming pool three times during our stay in Bali enjoying the salted water and open air. We ate our breakfasts at the hotel – a large buffet that was included with the price of the hotel. Noni and I went to the nearby KFC at lunch to eat because I had a craving for fried chicken. We went into a shopping mall a couple of times to browse, and on our last day we went walking for about six hours to look at the many shops along the side of the road. 

Noni is very tired. She is not a custom to so much walking. I found it annoying some what - everyone is pressuring you to buy some thing. You can not walk far with out a lady or a man telling you that they will sell you this or that cheap - best deal. I have learned to say NO in Indonesian and just to keep walking...


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