Monday, September 23, 2013

Just Amazing


This afternoon decided to go for a drive up the valley road into the canyon / mountains. I did upload a couple Geo caches into the GPS - but that was futile as they were not found. The scenery was pretty amazing as we drove.

The sun was shining - the rain came pouring down - but regardless the scenery was amazing 

When I drove the vibe to Levette Lake Geo cache you needed a 4x4 - or at least you should use one on that gravel road. I was expecting the same today and was pleasantly surprised to find the road drive-able. I should have explored this area before now. I ran out of time today - I will come back.. 
The scenery - Oh it is amazing 

The family  

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kayaking and Geo caching


Dealing with lots of stress at this time in life - will find out more on Monday - I am back to considering it is time to change jobs - question is will it be my choice or someone else.... 

Anyways this afternoon I had four hours between meals and it did not matter if it was going to rain or not I was going Geo caching. 
This Geo cache I was hunting involved a kayak - so my two most favorite activities including the camera made for a great stress break. 
My dishwasher fellow and I went together - I do like this young guy - he can make me laugh - he is a younger version of me - like a son... 

Anyways as we drove to the dirt road that turned off the paved one to head towards the lake we seen the sign - chose to ignore it - kept driving the vibe on this brutal jagged rock/ boulder infested inclining road. Kept asking my self how can a lake be at the end of this road. Two or three 4x4 vehicles passed us on their way out as I drove in - but we kept going. 

Finally a parking lot with more huge 4x4's parked in the parking lot - I pull right up next to them and parked - unload the kayaks and walk down to the Lake - paddled right across this small clear watered lake to a little island. My friend who is with me jumped out his kayak onto the shore and followed the path right to the hidden cache. Scooping it up carries it back to me and I sign the log book. 

Then spent a little time just paddling around the lake looking for fish in the clear water when ever I was not looking at the mountain in a not so far distance.. 


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Summary of the Bellingham Road Trip

Exploration and discovery and personnel fulfillment is how I would describe the road trip to Bellingham WA 

I seen new areas of Bellingham that I have never explored before going away from the main shopping malls that all the Canadians head too. So after our Mexican lunch we continued to browse more stores - I ended up buying two sets of foot wear for Noni and I. I needed indoor shoes and Noni was in love with this pair of shoes so I purchased them and I also bought kayaking water - slip resistant shoes for when we kayak. 
All through the day I was finding caches all over Bellingham - the day ended with me signing the log book of 11 caches and locating one virtue cache which I just had to read a plaque at the location. End result is I now found twelve caches in one day and two not found ones.. 
One cache was so amazing - literally it was a little rock just a little larger than a 50 cent coin with a container fastened to its underside. It was placed on the loose gravel of the road next to the property of the Co. It would require all your Geo senses to find this one - I must admit I had help from the owner or else I probably would not had found it.. 








Well the Road Trip is over - came home around midnight. We only had to wait one hour to cross the border this time. Money spent - altogether just under four hundred dollars including the hotel and eating out and shopping - gas. Sunday morning before church Dalhouise came home - after church went out to eat with my mother - then home to the condo to relax / watch TV. As I finish writing this I must now prepare to go back to camp - take food out of the freezer to serve the 135 guests that are arriving for lunch tomorrow. 

Saturday morning

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saturday was a full day of shopping - eating and Geo caching. 
I seen new areas of Bellingham that I have never explored. Noni kept telling me it was similar to my home town of Kingston that I had taken her when she first arrived in Canada. Yes I agree - the older buildings - the water front - the parks all this got me reminiscing about old friends and acquaintances that have gone from my life. I wonder what they are doing - I wonder if life has been good to them. I have a good life and everything right now is going so well - God is good. 

Started the day off by making waffles for us in the hotel lobby cafe 

After checking out did some walking - Geo caching - even finding the one that I could not find last March when we acme down to Bellingham. Then it was time to take Noni shopping. While she browsed and tried on outfits I went out the parking lots and searched for hidden caches. 
This took the whole morning and tn it was time to eat again and Noni requested that we go back to Mi Mexican restaurant 


Afternoon blog will come later- right now my tummy is too full :) 

Bellingham Road Trip

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Road Trip - shopping - Geo caching enjoying life the best we can! 
I have been looking forward to this all week - NO - the last two weeks. I have a weekend off. 
The only problem with that is I know we will spend money - but that is OK - we have worked hard and long hours . My desire was to stay around home and go kayaking - we do have a free kayaking tour adventure that I want to use before the rains come and it is to wet and cold, however Noni wanted to come to the USA. It is not that I didn`t want too - it was just the fact that it was so very hot and on a Friday late afternoon I knew there would be a long line at the border to wait at. Well it was hot and we waited for one hour and thirty minutes at the border crossing. 

Left camp around two - dropped off Dalhouise at our friends - stopped off to get coffee for the road and one for Mom - stop in her place handed her a coffee and a croissant that Noni had made from scratch and told her will see her on Sunday. By three o'clock we were heading south on our way.. 
Oh the traffic in and around Vancouver - bumper to bumper - in and out cutting me off when I was just a little to far from the car in front 

Thankfully no issues at the border - all our paper work and Noni`s visa was in order - and I had a hotel booked and knew exactly where I was going and what we planned to do so when the custom officers asked many questions I answered all quickly indication my preparedness. 

We made one quick pitt stop right after the border then following the car GPS drove to Bellingham and headed to the hotel. I was hungry - and one of the main reasons she wanted to come was to eat at her favorite Mexican restaurant. After the turn off of the main highway I knew that we were close so we found our way to Mi Mexico Restaurant on Telegraph RD 


It was so delicious and many local Mexican were eating there - which I would say is a good indication of good authentic food 
I am so full - so much for wait loss - Noni wanted to walk but it was dark and many stores were not open now - and so we went straight to the hotel. 
Checked in and since we were so full decided to go for a swim in the heated outdoor pool that is just out side our room. 
Nine PM- I was standing with my feet in the water about to jump into the refreshing goodness of life. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Geo caching adventure - Cat Lake


There is another new publishing of a Geo cache in my area - I want to be the first to find - made plans to go then my boss who is having a family reunion this weekend advise me not to go until the afternoon. The roads are being closed in sections at a time due to a massive cycling event between Vancouver and Whistler, And there is construction on our road to camp with the possibility of twenty minute delays at the single lane bridge that is being rebuilt. 
Disappointment - I had my gear in the car - I was dressed for hiking not cooking - and I was all set to go ... so I had to wait - the morning turned out to be a lot more intense than I thought it would be - it is harder for Noni and I to cook for 24 people than it is to feed 180. More pressure - more stress feeding the camps owners family verses kids and teachers .... and I must say I was told to buy the best I could get from Sysco when I placed my order - money was not to be consider just quality. 
Well the afternoon came after a steady hard pushing morning and we went to Cat Lake. 
I was there in the beginning of August to find two - three caches and now I was going there to find this newly published one. I had given up hopes of being the first to find - with this cycling event - 1000 's of people were involved surely someone would find it today before me -And I was correct I was the third to sign the log book. 
But before that - after driving a bumpy pot holed filled road we parked the car in a very crowed parking lot and started down the trail.-- GPS quickly indicated that I had missed it -but we needed to keep walking to a trail that led down to the lake it self - we had walked right past the main route right at the beginning of the parking lot. Where we left the parking lot was a four way choice and two were going in the direction I was to go and of course I chose the wrong one. 
Eventually we get to the lake and join another walking path that circles the lake -we back track -good thing I like to walk - Noni was a little tired - the GPS once again indicates smaller distance and then at 53 feet it jumps up to 100 feet - I do some walking back and forth and trying different directions and no luck. 
Noni hates it when I start doing this so she takes Dalhouise back to a opening in the trail that goes right into the water to let Dalhouise have a swim - 

Well I am not having much luck so I decide we will just walk the trail around the lake - enjoy the moment - change my batteries in the GPS and come back again to see if it makes a difference. 
Once again the GPS is not zeroing in on the location - Noni goes for another walk leaving me to myself and frustration - she walks Dalhouise to the beach area where she meets ups with my original dishwasher who is camping here this weekend - I never got a chance to talk with her - but just knowing she was close warmed my heart - she is doing OK... 
I get a reading I am 15 feet - then 7 feet in proximity of the cache then it bounces back up to 75 feet again... 
OK I really think it is near here so I put the GPS away and just start looking at places where I would hide one - here - there - over there -- 

Yes I found it - right where we began the search in the first place - Noni even told me she thought it was here in this location - but the GPS before said 75 feet away and even now it was indicating 23 - 25 feet further up the trail or in the middle of the lake.... 
- I don't care - all I care about now is that I found it - I signed the log book and I am not the FTF but the third - I wonder what the two special prizes were for the first tow people - they indicated on the web sight that there was a special gift for the first two people to find.. 
--OH well looking at my watch - oh my - I must get back to cook the supper..... 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Memories and dreams


When I was checking my emails yesterday I was surprised to see a notice of a new cache placed within my home area - even more surprised today to see that three more were posted today. This first cache I figured would be found quick so I gave up any hope to to be the first to find - but I was wrong - today I recorded FTF in the log book and web sight. The CO of this cache must be happy - I found it - I dropped a TB that I had picked up in Victoria - I took and posted a couple of pictures and I gave it a favorite point. 
Why did I give it a favorite point you ask?? The container was a ammo box - not many of these in Squamish - the hike to the cache is pretty good - the drive to the area is amazing - and the cache was near a tributary with many splashing salmon as they spawn. 
Spawning season a perfect time to go seek this cache which has it's trail head at the fish hatchery -- I haven't been to a fish hatchery since I was in public school many - many years ago - I still remember the field trip. So today I double dipped my purpose - once again I did not tell Noni about the hatchery - just that we were going for a hike looking for a Geo cache.. She has been to a hatchery of some sort in Indonesia not the same as we were at today - I love making all these good memories with her.... 
Poor Dalhouise was stuck in the car when we explored the hatchery tanks- but after this we took him out to walk down to the creek where he went for a little swim again with the fish - he is such a curious dog - goes right into the creek but when we tell him it is time for a shower he growls and goes and tries to hide from us... go figure.. 
Side note - when we walked down to the river three young ladies came about the same time as we did - we were all watching the fish and Dalhouise together- then Noni and I went a little distance away. I came back to get more pictures at this location as it was the best spot with so many salmon splashing and spawning -- but decided not too - afraid Noni might get angry - one of the girls took her pants off and was wading into the stream wearing just thong undies - nice bum - but like I said I didn't want Noni angry with me :) so I left... why couldn't I find young ladies like this 30 years ago when I was out wandering trails and creeks.... 





Tuesday, September 3, 2013



I have heard people talk about these salmon runs - I have seen pictures on the news - I have read about them in outdoor type of magazines but until yesterday I have never seen it with my own eyes. 
During family camp on the weekend I heard a father talking to his family about this as he was eating their snack at the table close to the kitchen door, so I asked him a couple of questions and found out where they had seen it. Not far from camp - I know exactly where they were as he describes the area - Noni and I often have picnics there. 
Monday afternoon before the new guests began to arrive Noni and Dalhouise I drove to the area. I didn't tell Noni what to expect I wanted to surprise her - I sure did - she was very happy - and well Dalhouise is always happy to go for a car ride and a walk so double happiness for him - no triple he even went for a little swim with the fish.. 
Well I must say - I have seen it with my own eyes now - so many fish -- SALMON


I just had to try it - reaching over I grab a fish by the tail.... 

Noni so excited  



Monday, September 2, 2013

Petgill Lake Hike

Monday, September 02, 2013

Sunny - it poured rain the day before but today the sun was out - our guest are leaving after lunch - so I wanted to go for a hike. The book says it will take 6 hours and people on geo caching say it takes 3 - 4 hours. I think I will believe the longer - i am not so fast going down mountains. 
I leave right after I serve lunch leaving Noni and my new dishwasher to clean up to go trekking 12k into the wilds of BC. 
I get stuck behind cars that are driving 40 in a 80 km route - then I hit every red light on my way - all four of them... Finally I get to the place I need to park the car. I am not sure where the trail head begins -all I know it is across the highway and I need to walk along the road for a bit before it turns into the woods. I do this -- I see red flagging tape - ah this must be it. i follow this into the woods - up a very steep incline - ( I am told it is steep at first) over boulders roots - fallen logs - I am concern - this is not safe - if this is the trail I am not going to do it - it is dangerous - I decide to turn around -- I get back to the road with some fearful moments -- 
I decide to walk a little further along the road - there must be another proper trail head --- sure enough a few yards more there is a sign hidden just off the road and a very well worn path leading up with orange tags in the trees marking the route lays before me. It only took me 1 1/2 hours of going the wrong direction to find this trail. There is no way I will be able to hike to Petgill Lake this time - but I am off to find two geo caches closer to the beginning of the route about 1500 feet in as a bird flies .. 
I am already very wet and exhausted as I start on the proper route but I am determined to find a cache this day. It is another steep incline - but well marked and a decent path to follow - there is even a chain securely attached to a boulder to help get you up and over - (down) one particular spot that requires hands and feet to get over. 
I am hiking along at a fairy fast pace - there I see the tree log that is described in the hint of the Geo cache that I am seeking. I need to change my batteries of my GPS - this done - well it takes a very long time for my GPS to reconnect to a signal from outer space and do what ever it does to align organize the caches I have up loaded to it.. I spend at least half an hour here searching for the cache - but I do find it ... when I get home that night - I see from a picture I took before I found the cache when I first came in sight of the fallen tree the cache - how did I miss it - I spent a lot of time looking all around this place.. 
Then off I went to find the next one - the last two people could not find the cache - but they are newbies and so with their inexperience just maybe they missed it -- I looked and looked - NO I could not find it either - but the view was awesome 
Time to go home - the trail was good - then I got confused - the last section was very tricky and the most dangerous - down the bluffs to the highway - there were three possible trails to follow and I scouted them all before I found and recognized the proper one - relief to get down the final drop to the level area and back to the road and the car.. 
Left camp 1:50 - parked car 2:25 - walking 2:30 -- back at car 7PM- back at condo 7:45 

I wore short pants - it was 26c - hot - my legs are all scratched to hell - I look very whipped..