Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kayaking and Geo caching


Dealing with lots of stress at this time in life - will find out more on Monday - I am back to considering it is time to change jobs - question is will it be my choice or someone else.... 

Anyways this afternoon I had four hours between meals and it did not matter if it was going to rain or not I was going Geo caching. 
This Geo cache I was hunting involved a kayak - so my two most favorite activities including the camera made for a great stress break. 
My dishwasher fellow and I went together - I do like this young guy - he can make me laugh - he is a younger version of me - like a son... 

Anyways as we drove to the dirt road that turned off the paved one to head towards the lake we seen the sign - chose to ignore it - kept driving the vibe on this brutal jagged rock/ boulder infested inclining road. Kept asking my self how can a lake be at the end of this road. Two or three 4x4 vehicles passed us on their way out as I drove in - but we kept going. 

Finally a parking lot with more huge 4x4's parked in the parking lot - I pull right up next to them and parked - unload the kayaks and walk down to the Lake - paddled right across this small clear watered lake to a little island. My friend who is with me jumped out his kayak onto the shore and followed the path right to the hidden cache. Scooping it up carries it back to me and I sign the log book. 

Then spent a little time just paddling around the lake looking for fish in the clear water when ever I was not looking at the mountain in a not so far distance.. 


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