Tuesday, September 3, 2013



I have heard people talk about these salmon runs - I have seen pictures on the news - I have read about them in outdoor type of magazines but until yesterday I have never seen it with my own eyes. 
During family camp on the weekend I heard a father talking to his family about this as he was eating their snack at the table close to the kitchen door, so I asked him a couple of questions and found out where they had seen it. Not far from camp - I know exactly where they were as he describes the area - Noni and I often have picnics there. 
Monday afternoon before the new guests began to arrive Noni and Dalhouise I drove to the area. I didn't tell Noni what to expect I wanted to surprise her - I sure did - she was very happy - and well Dalhouise is always happy to go for a car ride and a walk so double happiness for him - no triple he even went for a little swim with the fish.. 
Well I must say - I have seen it with my own eyes now - so many fish -- SALMON


I just had to try it - reaching over I grab a fish by the tail.... 

Noni so excited  



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