Friday, December 14, 2012

unbearable grief and sorrow

 I made this comment on my friend's (Tyler) blog but thought I would include it in my own blog posting as well- my day has been one of joy and happiness and of great sorrow. Grieving for the unbearable loss of those families in Connecticut - people I do not know yet this tragedy touches us all.
How can we even begin to comprehend - feel the sorrow of those families so many young children - innocent - (think of children Maya 's age - going to school - think about Parky or Daphene kissing her and sending her out the door - to hear a short time later that she was shot... DEAD - never to be seen by the living again....)
Unimaginable - yet this is the reality of 20 families right this moment - and forever during this life time.
Christmas a time of joy - happiness - will now be a time of great sorrow - grief - -- my heart just aches with grief.

 The random acts of violence in our society demonstrates how desperately wicked we are. When people in the news ask why? My question in return is why not? If we have no ultimate standard to appeal to in our society, and are simply left to our own self-declared authority, then how is a massacre any different than a day at the beach? I am not claiming that I am any better or beyond evil, since I share in the same fallen humanity, but the Law of God acts as a restraint, and if it is not taught to our children then we are abusing them and are more likely to grow up despairing in the meaninglessness of it all, so why not be bad? What is bad anyway if there is no real truth, but a social construct and nothing more.

We need to turn to the bible - listen to the words of life and turn to the Living God - and change our ways.

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