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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Stepping off the airplane to go into a line up to enter the country. Just my luck I chose the slowest line that took forever to reach the clerk so I could pay my entry fee / visitor visa of 25 US dollars. 
Cleared customs - well not sure how because I walked right on by the normal area where I must go into the section of collecting your luggage. Then to my surprised Noni was still standing at the belt waiting for the bags to roll by. It was a long time waiting here even - hey I had taken so long at the payment booth to enter I was sure Noni would had collect our bags - she does not go through the same hassles I do when returning to Indonesia. 
Collected our bags and then we head towards the crowds of people waiting for their love ones arrival on the other side of a glass wall, and door way. One more screening / inspection to pass through before we are cleared to go where we please. This final inspection went so fast - they only took one of our bags instead of all of them, I normally get picked for a closer peek. 
Done - we are now with Noni's other brother on the other side and off we go for a five hour car excursion. YES that is what I said! Five hours or more... 
Arrive at the Indonesia airport at 1 pm - arrive home at the family home 7 pm ish. 
We go straight to the grave site - not much happening there, like I posted last time the funeral was changed to the morning and now it was around 3 ish Looking at the pile of freshly dirt covering the body - prayed then left the cemetery --- Stopped at restaurant to enjoy a delicious meal - then it was time to head to the family home. 
I do not think the distances were that great however due to traffic a lot of time was spent sitting in the slow traffic. 
When we arrived most of the other brothers were there waiting and others came shortly after. Since I do not speak Indonesian - I went to our room and fell asleep after a much need refreshing shower. 

Showers - I like warm showers - at the family home it is cool water from a cistern kept in the bathroom that you pour over your self using little pails. Well this time it didn't matter so much I was so sticky - hot and gungy from the flight I enjoyed the re-freshness of it. But I can't wait to get under a running water faucet that has warm water.

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