Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The first day Laid Off

Today the first day of many. 
It is weird not having to wake up and cook breakfast - or getting back to the kitchen to cook and serve supper. Lunch -- I am always there to cook lunch so it is an automatic happening that I do. I would get a break in the afternoon so I would leave the kitchen only to worry about the supper and watch the time so I could do so on time.. but that is over now for six months.. 
So what did I do today -- well it is Noni's birthday so we went to Vancouver ate at our favorite Chinese restaurant -- over ate and she over ordered. She selected 10 items..in the past we chose 7 and that is too much for two people .. and the real sad part is that we ate most of it. 
After leaving the restaurant I went Geo caching - found one very easy and then went looking for one I could not find last time. I have been watching the home page and others are finding it with difficulty but they are finding it.. so I tried again with no luck. 
I gave up this time and went looking for another nearby. I found the area then I read the whole write up about it - you must climb a tree.. Yes climb a tree I looked up at the tree - NO WAY -- I am not going to do that - I must find a young person who is not afraid of heights to climb and bring it to me... 
Then we went to the mall - I bought Noni a new bathing suit - Happy birthday honey. 
Wandering around the mall till the movie was open for us to enter.. 
Captain Phillips ****** I can not give it enough praise. We were both glued to our seats watching this.. no squirming because of the length - it is the best movie I have seen in a very long time. 

A few moments along the road I realized I had forgotten my camera - sorry I can not post pictures of our lunch.. Although Noni had her camera maybe I can post later :) 

So this was day one, only 182 more to enjoy. 

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