Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some times I just need to go look at what the kids are doing to remember why I am here. Stuck in the kitchen with the never ending job of ordering - preparing and cooking the meals and watching over everything in the kitchen area one forgets of the happenings in the program areas. 



However so the kids can play they need to eat - and to eat we need to clean .. 

Eating is the best though. 

 baked potato - corn 

 fruit bowl 


 banana bread 

the favorite Haystack or chocolate macaroon 

 Cinnamon bun

So you see - and this was only today -- can you understand now some of my frustrations over the past months.. I have a lot on my shoulders - 
My wife and I do all the cooking / baking / salads. 
Home made soup every lunch - 30 to 40 item salad bar ever lunch - fresh fruit and to deal with good and not so good kitchen dishwashers.. program staff who just seem not to get information correct to me ... 
But it is all ending -- two more meals to serve the guest.. and two days to feed staff.

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