Thursday, October 17, 2013

End of Days two

The family went for a walk yesterday afternoon - sun shining not to hot nor too cold -- a perfect fall afternoon. Then I heard this strange noise - after a few moments I recognized it - it was either an elk or a hunter doing a bugle cry just off to the side of the road .. I had my camera but could not spot anything through the bushes and trees. (I recognized the sound from watching TV shows on nature.) 

So the kitchen wrap up is under way - I have emptied and cleaned two freezers and plug the small one back in and filled it up with food that will hold now till next spring - whether it is me or another chef using is to be determined. I have collect and boxed most of the canned goods that will be moved to a heated winter storage cabin tomorrow or Saturday. 
I have the dishwasher person wh lately has been a little slack - washing and placing extra dishes into bus pans and bagged to be moved to a winter cabin. I have also told him to clean the grease traps for the last time - he will be finished work tomorrow after 2:30 so he really needs to do a lot today. 

-- Today at breakfast - for those who like to keep up with my drama -- ---- 
One of the program staff came in to ask me about bag lunches - I have no paper work or knowledge about supplying bag lunches... In comes office director -- oops I messed up  she says..... 
So I now scrambled to provide a bag lunch for 23 guests... 
change today's lunch to serve tomorrow and tomorrows becomes today's -- Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. I don't have enough bread to make sandwiches for today and tomorrow - so by taking what I would had used for grilled cheese they made cold sandwiches - beef - cheese or tuna was their selection. It is a good thing I still had beef left over from the supper the other day.. ( I had just given away all those wraps to the local food bank service.) 
I had just enough cookies and juice boxes still in our dry storage - so it is working out well to use up my stock. But still to have this omitted from my paper work is not a good thing - 

So the count down is on but not -- tomorrow lunch is my last meal to serve guest - 
Tomorrow supper is a staff party 
Saturday and Sunday I feed the remaining staff who are closing down the camp until after Sunday lunch - subject to change of course - but right now that is the plan... 

still no TV in our cabin.... 

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