Monday, January 5, 2015


The snow fell and fell. 
For Christmas we received snowshoes as gifts, my wife and I, and today was a perfect time to try them out.  I was dressed head to foot in my Arterx outerwear, except my rain coat.  Yes I should had been wearing my Arterx raincoat as the snow has turned into a light drizzle of rain.
I haven't snowed shoeed in years - many years to be exact.  I was not even sure if I could, after the head on car collision I lived through.  Today was just a brief trial run (walk) and to my delight I can do it.  Howbeit my thigh muscles were screaming by the time I stopped. I can't blame that on the accident but only on old age and not being in shape.

I was deserted.... My little dog was with me but soon left me to return to wait for my return near the parked car at the office building.  He is no fool... But then again he is turning 13 this June.
I am surprised not to see any bird life or tracks of animal life, as I roamed about the woods.

This is where Dalhouise stopped and turned around and ran back to the main office

On my way I passed this truck that had a hard time to stay on the road.  All I can is most likely he was traveling to fast for the conditions out side.

The drive was nice today as I head out...

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