Tuesday, August 28, 2012

traffic and friends


25th Noni and I drove to Vancouver – stuck – there has been a car accident – we sat at the side of the road waiting in the scorching heat for 20 minutes. Turn on the radio and it is announced that the police have opened the road way and that traffic is now moving. I look around – yea right – no traffic in either lane has moved. Later I find out some people have been waiting 2.5 hours. I got off lucky with only a twenty minute wait – but now we were moving – slowly but moving.   We drive to down town Vancouver - crowded – lots of construction happening and so many people – we inch our way forward. Three hours later we arrive at our destination and visit with our friends before we head to the night market. This is a touristy event that happens on the weekends during the summer. I have been wanting to take Noni here for a while but I am always working and so tired. Now I have the opportunity and I am going to make use of it. The food was good but expensive – we ate sticky rice with pork – lamb k-bobs – shrimp or crab things. Venders were selling all kinds of different things nothing of special interest to me. I did see a hat I liked but when I looked at the price I put it back quickly. I want a gulf style hat for work – I look good in these I think. One hat is 23 dollars or two for 35. You got to be kidding me. After this we went to Mac Donald’s to have a drink and then we went home arriving around 12 midnight. Traffic was not a problem on the return trip  - but so surprised that when we arrived in Squamish there was people every where and traffic. Squamish Alive was just closing down is the explanation.  Squamish was hosting a music festivle and so people from all over have swollen and stretched my little community. My little town normally goes to sleep by 6 pm- yes - you can walk down town after 6 and you would be alone except at the local bars.

26st Today after church – was the church picnic. I was at first a little unhappy – I am tired – I just want to rest - but after friends began to arrive at camp – yes the picnic was at my camp and I am the official host – I felt better. It was like a shot of happiness. I do enjoy being around my church family and being able to talk and share with like minded people. I haven't been at church in a while because I work every Sunday – not sure how to describe it. I do love to be in the house of the Lord – I can relate to the psalms when they describe it –or how some popular songs proclaim -  you don't know what you have till it is gone – or you don't know how bless you are until the blessing is removed – however you look at it -  I did not know how much I missed going to church until today when I went. It was so refreshing, so up lifting, so comforting, so life giving to weary dry bones.
So after the service we head back to the camp and what did we see at the side of the road trying to cross but a momma bear and her two cubs. I past and look in the review mirror I see the three of them get across safe and sound. Sighting a bear always makes me happy, but knowing they made it across with out any problems really cheered me up. So many don't.

Last night which was the 27th we went out to eat with Mom. She had promised us a meal a long time ago and so we took her up on it. We went to a restaurant called the Living room – cost her 130 dollars by the time she paid the bill, which included a 15 dollar tip. The back drop is an old gulf course that has closed down but they keep the shape of the greens which are now very brown and dry. There still is a nice pond with a fountain spouting water into the air. The waitress said that in the evening lots of wild life can be seen like bears and coyotes and that there is an otter living in the pond . The restaurant is part of a new hotel using the space of an old garage refurbished. But the large garage doors have been kept and when it is hot they open and in the cold season they closed – but it has the nice open concept feeling and clear views of the forest and mountains in the back. Mom ate her NY steak with mashed potatoes and roast vegetables. I had a 8oz rib eye with the potatoes and vegetables and Noni ate the halibut and quino. It was tasty. 
Mom does not get out much and work has kept me so busy I decide to finish this day by driving up the mountain to visit one of our friends from church for a quick visit.  Mom was very happy and I think our friend was very surprised to see us there.

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