Saturday, April 5, 2014

in the stillness

I'm at work - I am working - but not like I am going to be soon. I have time to rest - I have time to wander - I have time to listen to the rain splatter like a thousand feet on the canvas tent top and to listen to the sounds of nature. 
I heard it - the deep - deep whoot of an owl so near the dinning lodge - I must go out and see if I can locate it. 


no luck -- however I sat down next to this old huge tree protected from the falling rain and just waited - sitting still hoping to get a sight of the owl... as I sat ever so still like a rock troll statue out of my eye a robin hops from spot to spot on the ground looking for a tasty snack. I make a slight motion - it flutters onto a fallen log and watches me for over five minutes as I watch it... During this time a little grey squirrel scurries about also not paying any attention to my prying eyes. 
I must do this again - so much life is missed in my business and rushed life 
but now I must return to the job at hand.. 

 Lunch = chili - soup - salad - baked potatoes 

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