Sunday, June 3, 2012

KP Yohannan

I have read his books Revolution in World Missions and Against the Wind and so when I heard he was speaking at Willingdon Church I wanted to go hear him.  After the hike around the Four Lake's Noni and I headed off to Burnaby.
He spoke on 1John 2:6 "whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked." Simple statement. What does it mean? What does it involve? He made a statement that the North American Christian Religion often entertains and informs the believer and that is all. Many people are going to be sent to Hell because they are going to hear from Jesus "I never knew you"  So getting to the point he said read the four gospels and learn how Jesus lived and compare our life to his.
1. We can not know Jesus without spending time with him - Read scripture, pray, fast.
2. Look at our life styles - are we self centered - materialist - living in comfort
3.  Do we pray - seek ways to serve Christ - serve in the church - tell others the gospel?
4. Do we pray for those serving Christ - do we help others who are serving - are we willing to do what ever Christ tells us to do, give, go.

K.P. Yohannan

Gospel for Asia Founder & President
Dr. K.P. Yohannan has been crisscrossing the globe for the last 40 years, challenging the body of Christ to discipleship. His call to a radical lifestyle—with an all-out commitment to Jesus—has left its impact on nearly every continent. To the Church caught up by the tidal waves of compromise and self-preservation, Yohannan's life message is as fresh as today's podcast yet as timeless as the scriptural mandate itself.
Yohannan is the founder and international director of Gospel for Asia, a Christian mission organization that has brought the Good News of Christ to millions in South Asia over the last three decades.
Born in India, Dr. Yohannan, at the age of 16, responded to the Lord's call to serve Him in North India. In 1974, he came to the United States, where he received his theological training and pastored a church for four years.
The Lord reminded Yohannan of the countless millions in Asia still waiting to learn of His love for them. In response, he resigned his pastorate, and he and his wife, Gisela, started what is known today as Gospel for Asia. Today, the ministry supports thousands of national workers and vibrant congregations throughout South Asia. Additionally, Gospel for Asia's Bridge of Hope program cares for tens of thousands of children, helping them break out of the generational curses of poverty and hopelessness.

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  1. Are his books what your bible study a month or so ago was based on?