Monday, June 11, 2012

VanDusen Botanical Garden

Noni and I went to Vancouver to eat Dim Sum and then for a walk around VanDusen Botanical Gardens. Reading some information – What is a botanical garden? Botanical gardens, unlike parks and display gardens, are living museums. Their plant collections are scientifically organized, carefully documented and labelled. Although this particular garden tradition originated in Renaissance Italy over four hundred years ago, many cultures worldwide have created plant collections of aesthetic and practical value. Today's botanical gardens collect plants and support research, conservation and public education.
At VanDusen the mission is to enhance awareness and appreciate of the plant kingdom and its interdependence with all living things. This site was originally owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway and logged at the turn of the century. In 1966 the VanDusen Botanical Gardens Association was formed to ensure the site was not developed for housing the land was purchased from the railway. Work began on the Garden in 1971 and was open to the public in August of 1975.
So June 2012 - Noni and I walk around the 55 acre (22 hectare) looking at over 7,500 kinds of plants. It was more like a hobble as we are still recovering from our excursion up the Chief Saturday. I parked the car in the shade under a huge tree – opened the windows – gave Dalhouise a cup of ice water. I was hoping he could walk around with us but no dogs allowed.
I enjoyed my self – and would return here again in a different season to see the changes. I was following the sound of quacking when two little coyotes pups ran across my path. I tried to take a picture but was not fast enough. Walking through the garden – this is a good way to relieve some of the stress I am still feeling from last week, that was harder than most. 

 A full stomach after eating at our favorite restaurant in Vancouver - a walk in the Park with the sun shinning what a good way to end a three day weekend. And this was a full weekend with Noni and I hiking the Chief – Noni going to a bridal shower – Church and then Today's excursion. Must not forget that it was also Dalhouise birthday on Sunday.
When we came home my body was feeling tired and sore. I thought I was recovering well from the Chief hike but now my body is in pain and totally exhausted. I go to bed and have a deep sleep-  nap for a couple of hours. It was so hard to get up but I did not want to sleep all night from 3 o’clock on. Feeling it now – tomorrow is delivery day and it is quite large and then the next day we have over 100 people coming. What have I done?


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