Thursday, October 30, 2014

Indonesia - 1

I was discouraged and so I stopped blogging.  It appears for the last four or five months at least I haven't blogged.  My summer camp  cooking contract has ended for another six months and I now will collect EI and look to see if there is another job suitable out here for me.  But!,,
But first plans have been made to travel to Jakarta Indonesia, and possible a road trip there around the island of Java.
On the six of September bought two round trip tickets to fly on China airlines.  We will leave on November 10th.

I was watching the news over the summer - this is a scary thing to do.  Earlier this year we have the missing Malaysia jet. - we have the jet shot down because of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine issues, and lately the news is all about elobe desease. OH I can't forget the on going Muslim extremist terrorist causing cold blooded murder and hatred throughout the world, even this past week with the insident in Ottawa - NO wonder I have fears about traveling.

However the tickets are purchase, plans are being made and Lord willing I will with my wife have the best time ever.

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