Friday, October 31, 2014

preamble on indonesia

Ten days before departure - I am becoming alittle excited. I think those who follow me on a regular bases know that I like bird watching and geo caching. If you didn't you do now..  
Anyways last month I order the book - a Photographic Guide to the Birds of Indonesia. 
 Noni just shook her head when it arrived by UPS. 
 I will hopefully also get a chance to Geocache as well. I am not sure exactly where I will be going or doing so I will just load the hand held GPS up with as many caches from the island of Java. There was talk of Bali too but that seems alittle distant. There are not a lot of caches in Indonesia so I should be able to go on the geocaching web page and just load caches without really knowing if I will be in that area or not. 
 All I know for sure at this point in time is on the 15th of November weekend Noni and I will be parcipating in a wedding ceremony of Noni's niece. After this there is talk of a Road Trip.. Besides the wedding I am really looking forward to going to a rubber tree plantation - since I was a child and hearing about this through National Geographic magazines I have wanted to go and see with my own eyes. I have mentioned to Noni this desire to go and she has mentioned it to her brother and if I understand correctly they plan on taking me even though it is not close to home (Jakarta) 
 Next post I think I will share some of the costs I expect to pay - including the Dalhouise care.

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