Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dalhouise -cost -- Indonesia

As I promised, I will talk about some of the cost occurred and yet to happen.
I think this is a good deal,  Our plane tickets on China Airlines cost 1078.91 $ round trip each.  No other hidden fees to come. So on my Visa card I was charged  2157.82 Canadian dollars.
I do not plan on baggage fees but one never knows - extra bag - over weight - who knows

Now for the extra fee's.
-- Cancelation/ interruption insurance I paid 192 dollars cd.
-- Medical insurance I pay through BCCA for the year for the two of us 174 dollars up to 30 days at a time leaving the province or country. 
I bought this for the Yellowstone Road Trip and other excursions into the USA.  Travel insurance is part of this trip so I include it.

-- passport renewal was 177.71 $ cd. but for a ten year term this time
-- car parking - will use park n fly most likely so about 120 give or take 
-- Dalhouise sitter I think will be 200
-- enter visa into Indonesia for me 35 USA dollar
-- exit tax for Noni and I is 27 dollar USA
Then there is money spent on general gifts that we must bring and the wedding gift to her niece
-food we will buy to eat and the restaurants that we eat at  - and most times we are expect to treat .... Not all the time but most because Noni family consider us to be the wealthy ones.  ( only if they knew the truth)
-- I have no idea Noni takes care of all that of what she spends as it is all in rupees - if I use my credit card I will know when we get home...

- hotels if we go on the road trip or if we visit family outside of Jakarta.
When in Jakarta we stay in the family house or with family 

- other tourist attractions that we probably will stop at.

- fuel for the car that we will be drove around in and public transportation, taxies, or other  means 

-- and another big cost will be the money that Noni and I do not get from EI while we are outside the country which is approximately 2400$

So this is what I can think of right now in terms of the cost associated with this upcoming trip to Indonesia.

Dalhouise --  OH the stress I feel already.  He will be going to the same friends home that he has been going to for the last three years.  This is good for him as he has some  routine and consistency and familiarity.
They own another dog just like Dalhouise and about the same age and the two of them get along great. There is a well secured fenced in backyard for the two of them to go out to do business.
My friends are good to both dogs and for some strange reason the dogs eat from the other dog dish instead of their own. At bed time - well in the past Dalhouise slept with their son... But he got married and moved out... So now I don't know what the plan is.
The stress - like I said before on my Yellowstone road trip - they have adopted two children and I am concern about the children opening the front door and Dalhouise escaping...  This is my only fear for Dalhouise...
Would he try to go to camp to look for me, or maybe try to find his way to the condo? Or would he go on the busy road and stared down a car with that attitude he has being king....  Or would he become lunch to one of the many bears, cougars, eagles, wolves, coyotes -   Or would he meet an unfriendly large dog --- do you understand my stress? 

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