Saturday, November 29, 2014

feverish and shower

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pizza Hut with some of the family.

Noni has been talking about going to Pizza Hut for a month or so now. I kept joking with her that I traveled to Indonesia to eat Indonesian food... Well pizza is the new Indonesian food....
The family does speak some English so I can be part of the conversations, but yesterday I was just as happy to stay in the back ground slightly. Jet lag is hard on me - my body does not like flipping day into night. Even before when I worked shift work I always had difficulties.
When we were at the sisters home I socialized for a couple of hours at the kitchen table then I went and sat down on the couch and had a nap.
The night before my body was on fire, my whole body was burning .. I went into a shivering frenzy when I tried to have a cold shower before bed. Lucky for me in the morning I was feeling much better. But through out the night I woke up a few times dripping wet and a little deluginal.. Weird dreams.. It is hot here feels like 33 c all the time so being wet with perspiration is normal but this was different.
Showers here ... I only know about her family homes so I assume it is the same with other common people as well - however slowly modern showers are becoming popular. So my shower consits of dipping a pail into a cistern and pouring it over me. The water is room temperature but feels cold when running off my body. I can't say I enjoy my showers... I like warn showers. The tap is turned on to fill up the cistern.
As a side note this is how they flush the toilet also by taking water out of the cistern and pouring into the toilet bowl.

- it is my Friday now early morning 8:50 am - not sure what the plan is today...
I am feeling better but still I have a very sore throat and tired and I am hot

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