Saturday, November 29, 2014

Borodudur Buddist Temple

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Boy do I have a storey to tell. I am so pleased I could spend another couple of hours here but Noni and the BIL are tired and I think bored. We have exploring for just over three hours so far and were on our way back down after climbing to the top. We were almost down when they stopped but I wanted to take a few more pictures of the engravings. OK they said go ahead and they would go down and wait for me. So off I wander around the temple taking pictures. I couldn't be more pleased or in the moment. This is why I traved thousands of miles to see after all... Well adventures do happen when not planned. Somehow there was a miscommunication and I exited through the wrong gate. There are four gates to the temple. You enter I think from the east and exit from the west gates. Once I relized I was at the wrong gate I returned to the correct one but I could not find Noni. Then a local told me she went to the car - I recognized this pushy sales person who had greeted us at the car when we first arrived so off I went. That was a mistake and a lie.
I knew where I was and there was a geocache here also so I did my second favourite thing to do and sought the cache and found. But still no Noni. Then another sales person came and began to help me seek Noni and walked me back to the proper gate but still we couldn't find her. She had decided to wait on he upper level where I had left her instead of coming down.
As I walked I. A area with no tourist just my new found helper I beganto wonder if he was leading me astray ... Would he try to steal my iPad - my camera? Then another person joined us and. Y stress level increased some more. Now I was out number two to one.... But they were very helpful, and polite. Still no Noni so we walked back to the car to wait.. I have no money - I have no cell phone -- this is not a good situation to be in. So I iwalk ove to the entrance. And information center and tell them my situation in broken English.. They help me connect to the Internet.... I Facebook message Noni's family -- help - call Noni and tell her to go to the car.. I contact three or four family members before I got a message back Ok..
So to the car I go to wait again..

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