Saturday, November 29, 2014

long flight

Monday, November 10, 2014

First lag of flights are finished as I sit in Taiwan international airport waiting for our next flight to Indonesia. My left leg is extremely sore as it was cramped up for the last 12.5 hours. We were seated in the center of the plane even though requests were made for window and isle.
Left leg is pinned together at the knee and metal rod from hip to knee from the head on car collision years ago. To top this off I had the beepers going off at security - this has only happened once before at an airport going into th USA.
The flight was not the smoothest I have been on - turbulence most of the night with the plane shaking, simmering and rattling. It could had been worse.. It felt like a boat being bounced on a wavy lake.
First flight distance from Vancouver to Taiwan is 5870 miles / 9647 km. Noni and I boarded at 0005 hours and the plane landed in Taiwan 0215 canadian time as I haven changed my watch yet.
Tomato Juice - we ordered tomato juice with our meals and it brought to remembrance the TV show MASH when Col. Potter drank a glass of tomato juice and loved it. So the scheming of Radar began so that they could have it every morning. Major Burns would not put it on his order forms so all the scheming was done to bribe it to get done. Eventually it came and the Col Potter wouldn't drink it as it gives him hives... Anyways it made me think of this because I love tomato juice but the stuff on the plane just wasn't that good.
We were fed a spaghetti dish with cut up chicken in it with peas for our midnight meal fruit salad and something else but I forget now. Breakfast was an omelette with hashbrown potatoes, mushrooms and a dinner roll. Coffee and tomatoe juice again.

While waiting in the airport last night it was hot - I was swetting .. As time went on I noticed everyone seemed to be extremely tired like they had already been here for days.. We age and tire fast at airports I think.
We stopped to eat a hamburger at the airport... While eating I watched this man come to the entrance to the restaurant. There was food display of the burger and fries - he began to poke it and stare at it for at least three to four minutes before he came in to eat. Why - why would you poke and feel a display plate of food?
Our first going through customs Noni beeps and is searched,with the hand scanner.. I go through with no issues until my bag goes through the X-ray machine. My bag is searched - Noni makes a joke about this bag being my swimming bag and I might have forgotten to take out shampoo or soaps... I was vindicated - nothing in there that was not allowed. I knew I was careful.
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