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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I am exhausted can barely keep my eyes open - but i wanted to say - we are safe and sound in Jakarta at Noni's family's home. Indonesia at first I was going to say is not very welcoming to visitors but I changed my mind before I got out of the airport. Every person needs to get an entry visa. There was a very long line but it is not the first line you need to line up in. You gotta go pay 35 USA dollars first at a hidden window area - and of course there is a line up for this also. You pay for your entry visa then you go to this very large line up up of tired - confused frustrated travellers. This line was not moving at first very fast - then a group of us were pulled aside and told to go directly to immigration.. Bypassing a good half hour to hour long line up. I was concern because Noni had gone ahead to claim our baggage - she is Indonesian so she goes straight to through to the immigration clearing station.. There she shows her passport and keeps going, after handing in a declaration paper.
Well I was through. And when I had found Noni she had collected all our four luggage bags and was waiting for me to come.
We had to look for her brother - he was not where we expected him but he was found quick among the crowds of people..
He took us to a mall - we ate Chinese food - it was very good.- we walked around the mall for a bit and I ended up buying two pair of blue jeans and getting a third pair free. I think it is going to cost about forty canadian dollars when all the exchanges are made at the bank as I paid for it on my credit card.
Like I said I am exhausted - I just finished having a very coolish shower and feeling clean but still so tired so off to bed I am going.
I am sure I have more to say but I am so tired it will have to wait..

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