Saturday, November 29, 2014

cake and fish shops

Saturday, November 22, 2014

These are a small version of the cake we bought. I understand it is a well known product and people come from all around to buy. This is a small version of the actual cake. It is similar to a macaroon cookie but different. I did enjoy it.
I think Noni bought about ten actual cakes to giver to her family. We arrived the day earlier and placed an order and so after the Temple exploration we came back to pick them up.

So this where we bought vacuumed packed fish. Once again I have conversations about the food safe of it. Yes it is vacuumed pack but this isn't the same as refrigeration, or a cooler of ice. What a different culture- one thing I see and and happy about is that Noni now understand these things and is trying to explain to her brother as well. Her brother said it is ok because they will fry it before eating... We tried to tell him last night to put into the hotel fridge.. I don't think it happened - I don't know I just went to bed when we checked into the hotel room.

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