Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bags are packde* 
Dalhouise is bathed * 
House is cleaned and garbage ready to be taken out*  
Check check and check.... 

Today is the day we leave the condo and wait at the YVR - Vancouver International airport. 
This morning we will attend church - afterwards have lunch and take Dalhouise to his caregiver/ sitters home. Then we will load the cars with the four suitcases and two carryon bags, stop at mom's place for a short visit.... Then we will drive towards the airport. We will still have to kill a few hours before check in time but I don't mind. 
It takes about 90 minutes to get to the airport from our condo.. We must take the one and only highway #99 Sea to Sky route to reach Vancouver. I have concerns about the road being closed caused by an accident. People going and coming from Whistler drive too fast and other reasons and so there are many accidents. I want to be in a location that provides me with alternate routes in case... Coming from Whistler they are tired from a hard day of playing - drinking or smoking that funny stuff and going to Whistler they are just so inpatient to begin their enjoyment time. And this Road is narrow at times - very windy - often wet and slippery - all the reasons to be more careful. But young people are invincible - you know... 

Anyways -- I wonder what kind of adventure this is going to be? 
I think we will be on a Road Trip going to some places where I have been too and to places I have not. A few times over the last couple of years there was talk about taking me tom go see then9th century Mahayne Buddist Temple at Borobudar  
- visit family in Cireban on the north coast - I think shore of the Java Sea 
- Bandung -- volcanic peaks - Dutch Art Deco structures  
- Bogor -- credited with 322 thunderstorms a year -- the deep loud scarey ones 
- coffee -- tea -- rubber Plantations 
- Pancak Pass - I've been here before but I want to go back.. There are roadside cafes built on stilts on the steep inclines at the road. BBQ corn on the cob is served fresh smothered in butter or a child sauce along with tea or pop. (I will drink tea) as you walk to your window seat the wooded floor boards creak uncomfortably and bow as you sit to look over the tea fields. Fresh cool air is so refreshing after the the polluted hot stifling air of Jakarta, as I rememer it. 
- taking part and going to the wedding... 

These are only a few of my expectations of what is to come the next three weeks. - and I haven't even began really to think about all the wonderful different foods my taste buds are going to encounter. Ok I have thought some about the Food. 
Some of my favorites 
- beef rendang 
- Otaka - otaka 
- Nasi goreng 
- pastel 
- pempek 

And many other items - I will take pictures to share  

So. Hopefully I can connect to Internet these up coming days in Indonesia to share my adventure with you 

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