Saturday, November 29, 2014

On the road

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Just wondering if a road trip qualifies as a road trip if you go on one if you are already in the middle of your vacation/ holiday?
We hit the road at 09:20 hour and arrived at the Pandanaran Hotel in Semarang at 22:34 hour.
We traveled 32306 km to start and end of day is 32778 km plus a couple of more.
We stopped at a hotel which I thought was the end of the day but Noni and the brother inlaw didn't like it so we drove another ten minutes to another but by this time I didn't record the final stop. Tomorrows will show the correct start km.
I was so tired and a little motion sick. It was dark and we had to struggle through construction for two hours moving at an inch at a time... This always makes me sick.
I was not so pleased that we didn't stop earlier as I didn't want to travel in the dark. One I can't see the sights and second it becomes more dangerous on th wet slippery roads and I noticed the brother inlaw was struggling to see the road before we came upon the construction. He tends to drive too fast at the best of times I had to tell home to keep it below 120 km per hour over and over. Once it became dark and the rain began he still drove in my oppion way to fast for the road conditions.
Oh well it is a new day

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