Saturday, November 29, 2014

Indonesian Bird Market

Monday, November 17, 2014

Depending I guess on your world view and the condition of your heart would be your reactions to the Bird Markets in Indonesia, of whether you are horrified or couldn't careless.
That is a strong opening sentence isn't it... So let me explain and follow up with some pictures.
When you first walk in close vicinity you will notice the crowds of people - there are always people around - then you will be hit with the stank smell of hundreds / thousands of little birds confined to tiny cages that are not cleand often or if at all . So the smell of dead birds, mixed with the feces is an on slot to your nose.
Here in the Bird Markets there are at least 200 traders who earn their livelihood just buy buying and selling nothing but rare birds and animals. If you are really interested in a certain species and it is not available in the market now, the traders will guarantee you that they will search for it and have it for you in a few days, and you are to come back with payment to take it away on that day. ( and I understand the cost is not so expensive)
The capture and internal transporting of birds are suppose to be regulated by a system of capture and transport permits regulated by the government - and many species are totally protected from capture..... However the system is not applied. Many of these birds, animals are not legally captured and nothing is done or said by the officials.
Throwaway birds... There is a lack of birds in the countryside due to the huge trade in throwaway birds... These are birds captured and sold as a novelty to impress friends and family and which will die quickly in captivity. Because they die quickly the traders don't want to hold onto them and so are so real inexpensive. The lower price makes them desirable and the easy replacement created a cycle that destroys thousands of birds.

What did I see and recognize today - parrots, parrotlets,budgies, canaries, ducks, geese, a turkey, pigeons, and doves. I seen other birds I don't know what they are about the size of American robins and other chirping birds.
I see. Three or four bats and it just added to my broken heart of their cage as they hung there. They were to long for the cage so it would be like sleeping for the rest of your life all scrunched up.

So my Sparkfriends this is what I experienced and researched on the Indonesia Bird Markets.
I can not say that these birds were legally or illegally caught. All I can do is show the pictures of what I seen and yes the smell was horrific. The cages seemed crowded at times and the bats cage certainly was not appropriate ........

Is there Hope?

To us a child is given, and on his shoulders will government rests with justice, peace and righteousness

We wait for his kingdom..

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