Saturday, November 8, 2014


This morning was Dalhouise and my last walk together along the pond trail. Later today I will give him a nice warm soapy bath to make him all pretty and fresh to go to his sitter's tomorrow. After his bath we will stay on side walks when I take him out for his business. 

Last night the suit cases were brought out. Dalhouise just sat on the foot stool looking at us. 
I have about ten pairs of underware - socks - T shirts packed so far along with the little lap top computer - power adaptor for the plugs. - GPS and two battery chargers for the two different cameras with spare battery. I have a new 32gb memory card for the main camera and an extra 16gb memory card just in case. Fro the secondary camera I only have a newly formatted 4gb memory card. I have everything I need for the iPad ready to go too. I packed three travel bugs that I can drop off in Geocaches if I get the chance too hoping they return to Canada.  
Bathing suit is packed - shaving kit - medicine for tummy issues and motion sickness all packed.  
Next suit case will be my long pants and dress shirts and the suit for the wedding along with the shoes and sandals for everyday use. I will carry with me note book and bird book - will try to study on the flight. We Gotta leave space in our suit cases for what ever it might be that we will bring back with us. 

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I look forward to reading of your adventures when you get back.