Saturday, November 29, 2014

wedding reflections

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Five years ago yesterday I was going all through this strange and wonderful ceremonial celebrations. I think it would had been easier for me if I would had attended a marriage before actually being the front and centre attraction - I mean Noni was the centre of attraction. I just followed along and stood - sat - kneeled when told to do so. I do not regret -'best thing I ever did. Anyways today is the wedding day of Noni's neice and it was a full day.
To begin Noni was taken away around 7:30am for make up and hair due and returned home about 10:30. I stayed at the family home and napped.
Soon after arrival home with her younger brother and family we all piled into the car to go to the church. When Noni arrived home with her brother and family it is 'so stinking hot - then it was time to dress up. Dress pants and batik for me and the women skirts and blouses. Traditional....
I didn't understand much as the wedding was done in Indonesian but regardless it was beautiful.
After we left the church it was a visit to the hair saloon for everyone this time.. Us men folk just hung around patiently waiting. This took a long time... I should had recorded the times but I didnt..
We came back to the family home showered.. Then it was time for the suits to go on. I think I was going to melt.. Did I say it was so stinking hot.
We all piled back into the car and drive to where the reception is going to take place - this took about an hour or so.
It is not a fancy spot .. Her neice had rented a ball room in one of the huge towers downtown Jakarta.
Family gathered first from both sides for the Chinese Tea service and a meal. Noni reminder her to eat before the guest come because at our wedding it was not planned and I - none of the wedding party got to chance to eat until around midnight. I was starving. So this time I was given the chance to eat - but it is hard to eat wearing a tightfitting suit. My vest is acting like a girdle... But I think I look good.
Tea service done - practice walking the red carpet and cake cutting... Then the people began to arrive. The ball room filled up fast. I am feeling much more comfortable here now and so I left Noni to go mingle and take pictures... In the past we would not leave each other side... She worried about me and I was so not sure of my self... Now I know her family and like I said I am comfortable. I took a lot of pictures...
So this day ended around 11:30 for me as we were dropped back at the family home and I did a quicker shower and calapsed into bed.

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