Friday, May 18, 2012

Victoria Long weekend begins

18 May
Here it is again  another Friday. The week is over. It seems like yesterday I was off. You gotta love a short work week.  This weeks menu was simple -
16 May-- French toast - 150 grilled cheese sandwiches served with home made tomato soup.  Supper was roast beef, spiced potatoes and steamed cauliflower and of course home made bread.  Desert was banana muffins and for a snack banana cake.
17 May
72 waffles were devoured along with about the same amount of pancakes.  Lunch was a make your own sandwich on a hamburger bun. Meat choices were turkey, ham, salami on the table and at salad bar egg salad and tuna salad along with other regular choices.  Supper chicken la king , fried rice, Caesar salad on each table and home made bread.  Desert we made caramel custard, and their was a request for cookies so we made 120 ginger cookies.
18 May
Fried eggs over easy and baked pork link sausage and toast using home made bread.  I turned last nights chicken la king into a cream of chicken soup - it was very tasty. Chili con carney with baked potatoes with the cheese, sour cream, salsa toppings. Then our guest left, and here I am off again facing a three day weekend. I placed the food order that will be delivered on Tuesday so this has become a work day and also there will be some staff working around camp doing site maintenance so I was asked to provide lunch for them, other wise it would had been a four day weekend. Teacher strike - pain in the butt - we have lost some guest coming due to their greed of refusing to do extra activities for the children. So the children loose a once in a life time opportunity of coming to camp as a grade ?? student to experience the adventure that camp offers. High ropes - low ropes - bike trails - archery - sleeping in cabins - all camp wide games and camp fire.   But they say it is for the good of the students...

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