Tuesday, May 1, 2012

30 April 012
Today is the last day of the month and beginning of a new week. Cold and wet. Forewarned this is a good thing because last year there was no warning. BC Hydro is pulling the plug. We will have no electricity from 7:30 to 11am. I had to get to work begin the bread making process in the 30qt mixer, make four pots of coffee and filled some thermos. We will have water – the generator is connected to the pump but no hot water. The kitchen is a little dark when I begin cooking the breakfast of bacon and eggs. I grab some frozen bread and head towards the electric toaster -- !!! What am I thinking? I quickly go back to the griddle and throw down the bread to thaw it and give it a little toasting before we serve it. I remember a head lamp I have in the cabin – perfect I can cook the eggs and see. 

Sysco truck is late but not like last time with lunch items on it – I have everything I need for my hamburger and hot dog lunch. It is more of an inconvenience now. It shows up around 11:30 and leaves around 1. He was a new temp driver, he got his motorize lift stuck in the loose gravel as he was unloading the truck. Also it was his first time up in this area and so he was so far behind schedule. It was raining so everything was dropped in the dinning tent which means many items has to be carted back to the freezers and dry storage and to our walk in fridge. So this means no break for me.
Supper is Roast beef, spiced potatoes, mix vegetable and red velvet cake. For the vegetarians I made a barley tofu stew. Snack is blue berry muffins.

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