Saturday, May 19, 2012

19 May adventure

Now for the personal touch. What did I do with a fabulous sunny warm spring day you ask? First signs of life 5:30 am – No it is to early to get up - I am off I tell my self. 6:15 second internal alarm clock wakes me up – No still to early to get up on my day off. 8:30 I open my eyes again – OK it is time to get up. I hear a violin music penetrating the morning stillness. I go out side to find staff gathering at the picnic table near the office. Going over to see what is up – I end up deciding to join them for breakfast at a little cafe just up the road about 10 miles or so. Eating poached eggs, home fries, a piece of bacon and home made specialty sausages and a piece of toast all for the price of 41.80$, for the two of us. This is a once a time experience... The food was good but I am not willing to pay that price again for a breakfast. After – Noni and I drove to Brohm Lake Provincial Park to hike around the lake. Arrived at 11:30 and finished at 2:10. Up and down – up and down but the beauty makes it all worth while. Stopping to take pictures – stopping just to absorb the scenery – stopping to snack on cookies – stopping to gulp water from our water bottles – stopping just because our bodies say breath. So surprising how out of shape we are in..
Some people have been encouraging me to get a new camera, one that will do justice to all the pictures I take. Well this is the end of my camera – I do not know why but it is dead and no it is not the batteries – the lens is jammed open.

So the little things of life must be done too like getting gas (had a pleasant surprise at the pumps-- only 1.38 per liter. It is bad thing that I am happy to pay this high price- but I was expecting to pay 1.50 or more since it is the long weekend), picking up the mail from the condo, going to the bank machine to deposit pay checks, paying bills that never end, and picking up water for my mother who will not drink the tap water and then delivering it to her and spending a little time visiting with her before we drive back to the cabin. But first I stop at the A&W to buy our supper. And so Saturday ends.

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