Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2

Do you ever think about your first school you went too? I do. I went to many public schools but the love and loyalty is always with the first. James R. Henderson Public School. The name is like music to my ears. It brings back fawn childhood memories and not so fawn ones. It was while walking to this school that I met the Kennedy family who of all people have had a major part in my eternity. Because of their love and kindness and wisdom I am a Christian - sealed for all eternity by the power of God through the Holy Spirit by the blood of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. 
Memories of being with my older two brothers together, precious since one is no longer with us and the other so far away.
Long term Friendship - from this school came one of my closest friends. 40 some years is a long friendship.
Family is very much connected to this school as well for it was the last time we were together as a complete family while I was attending James R. Henderson.  The tearing away - the issues of a life breaking apart security - love -  familiarity - friendships and even first deaths that I can remember.
Teachers - I remember the one in particular whom I had a crush on and then there was the one who failed me and then the mean one.
Playing in the school yard - king of the hill - chasing girls to kiss - fights - fun games - I loved recesses back then.Can not forget those walks to school rain or shine - no buss back then and ah riding your bike to and from school - pleasures of childhood.
After school activities were a big part of James R Henderson public school too. Their was Christian Service Brigade, and for a while Church met in the auditorium on Sunday mornings as it was building a new building else where.
But as in life - life keeps rolling on and new adventures await.

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