Saturday, November 2, 2013

Life in the down time

Home - sitting in my old fashion swing back chair with feet on the footstool – watching You tube clips on the computer about hiking, I even watch one on the Rideau Trail. I would like to to get out and hike but I don't for a couple of reasons – one Noni is a soft hiker and I want to go deep into the woods for hours maybe even do some camping. And the second is that I am always concerned about meeting a bear or cougar. 
Looking up now and then out the balcony glass door - I see that I have feather friends coming to my feeders. Juncos - Stellar Jays, Black cap Chickadees, American Flickers, Spotted Towhees. 
I am thinking all I need is to have an artificial fire going and I would be set. 
- I gave up living in the country with a real fireplace and trees and more birds than you can count on your fingers coming to my feeders - ponds in the back yard - That life is gone... so I must accept that fact, now that I am living in a condo that over looks a busy highway listening to the swoosh - swash of the cars... and OH I forgot to mention - just before I did the road trip to Oregon and California and our return I have been appointed back on council. We had three resignations of council members and I was asked to come back on Strata Council. Foolishly I said YES. 
I have mentioned things in my old posts about the drama going on in the strata - then I was not re elected at the AGM - but now I have been appointed back on and so the DRAMA continues 
I wonder what were the reasons why three people walked out of the last council meeting and resigned. I have heard rumours - into the hornets nest I go. Can't let life get boring while I am away from camp - can I? 
On my walk today in the light drizzle, I observed several Canadian Geese in flight and a bushy tailed Grey squirrel scurrying up a tree, but didn't see any eagles. Walking around the pond in some sections it smelled of rotten salmon from the last run in September. I was looking for ducks or other pond birds but none were to be found. 


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