Friday, November 1, 2013

Oregon Road trip Summary

I have so many more pictures and thoughts , but it is time to move on. 
But first.. I was thinking ...... 
I bet there are not many couples out there that can work together in a small confine spot ten hours per day for days on end with no breaks then spend almost all their free time together. 
Well that is exactly what Noni and I do. And then we go on a road trip sitting in a car for hours and hours. 

I am not claiming these are 100% accurate but they are very close - I might have misplaced a recite or two when we paid cash for something which wasn't often. But from my Credit card I paid............ (including the exchange rate) 

We drove 2395 km = 1488.2 miles from the Evening of 23 October to Afternoon 27 October 

GAS = 155.56 
Hotels = 332.33 
Food = 150.91 
Coffee = app 20 
Attractions = 57.74 
Cross the border shopping = 421.06 

So our total cost of a four day road trip 1137.60 Canadian dollars. 

We had a coupon book for our hotels - I also hold a choice privileged card - when we checked into the hotels they informed me that if I used the coupon I would save two dollars and not get points but if I used my card I would gain points to get that free room eventually - so I paid the extra two dollars and got the corporate rate from the card. 

I do have some regrets - I wished I had more money to spend - I do wish I could had stayed longer - I wished well just to spend more time exploring the beaches and forests and little towns on the way - but I am happy and satisfied with this Road Trip 
I hope to do it again some time in the future....... 








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