Thursday, August 15, 2013

A hard Decision

Food safe - you have the course - you know right from wrong - commonsense
--I caught the person - mopping our juice counter top table with a floor mop because there was a spill
- sweeping the eating table tops with a floor broom
- placing pure bleach in a spray bottle - un labeled to clean public service areas ( we have proper chemicals for that - which are food safe.
- trying to put food from her plate back into a serving dish
- double dipping her drinking cup into a pail of juice to refill it
- smoking and not washing her hands after
- not washing her hands enough from moving from task to task
then we get into just bad work ethic like dropping - spilling a lot of food
- throwing away my reading glasses
- sweeping her work area - then flinging the debris just out into the other dining room area so someone else has to sweep it up and collect it to garbage cans
- not being able to lift the required juice containers
- not cleaning her work area attracting so many flies and ants
- pouring way too much chemicals into the hand pot washing waters  and the washing machine when washing the kitchen cleaning cloths
- not remembering how to set up serving utensils for service
- complaining ad grumbling about doing hte job to my other young helper ( she was only here for a short time and she was becoming more disruptive - what will she be like after a long period)
I just could not trust her and in a week from now my other young helper leaves to go back to school - NO way could I rely on this older person - so disappointing - I thought she would mentor the younger but it turned out I need the young one to supervise the older who had on her application at least acknowledged taking a food safe course and other work experience.
-- I should had know from the interview - she said her last employer yelled at her a lot.....

Anyways - what choice did I have???  I did not enjoy letting her go - I don't like messing with people lives in a negative way and it is never good to be out of work if you need the money.

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