Friday, August 2, 2013

I got out

Went out caching today - I had to go to town to buy some medicine for Noni who has caught a flue bug from our kayaking the other days she claims. So off to London Drugs then I take her to the Condo drop her off and I beeline it to the parking spot at the side of the road and head down the trail to where I am sure this cache is located. 
Last year when I first began Geo caching I ended up here lost. I know - I know it is a little past the nearest cache located that is nearby. I said I was lost didn't I. 
Well today I headed straight to the point I knew where I must go. The scenery is awesome - I'm going to award this cache a favorite point. 
I was so tempted like the others to go for a swim - but I know this River is too cold - freezing cold- to do so, but still the temptation was there. 
I must also say like the past posts stated - I spent too much time looking elsewhere before I found it. Sometimes I am not too clever - it was right where I thought it was when I first arrived - I think I might had even poked it with my walking stick before I searched all the other most likely spots - only to keep coming back to where I was at the beginning. Just when I was about to give up - I poked once more and there it was... (the GPS was correct) 
I have to mention as I was looking at the river a large fish broke surface - so any fishermen out there bring your fishing gear. 
My only complaint about this search is that I had a great fear of meeting a bear or cougar - I was alone and isolated and felt vulnerable to being a meal for one of the above. But I was not eaten - nor did I get lost this time. 
Well done - like I began the scenery is awesome - well worth the trek in and the anxious thoughts about wildlife.

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