Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Geocaching - hiking - Exhilaration

I took the afternoon Off – in the morning I had prepared both the supper and lunch at the same time, so all Noni had to do was heat and serve. I had my eyes on a group of caches along a newly establish trail about 60 km from camp. What I fail to consider was the elevation I was to climb. The hike was only about 6 - 8 miles which I walk almost every day on a flat paved surface, so when I looked on the map and noticed the distance – NO problem. 
I drove to the pullout spot where I was to park the car. Crossed the busy highway #99 and began walking the wrong way for about five minutes before I realized it and turned back to find the trail head. OK!  Now that I was on the trail and it is well marked – one of the questions I kept asking was why and who would create a trail here in the middle of nowhere.Like I said It was well marked and the trail well groomed – a lot of time and energy was put into.making this.
The car thermometer read 26c I noted as I parked – so here I am into the wild woods heading to find four five caches. I climb to the first view point – this is pretty good – and I find my first cache – not so bad – but already I am drenched in perspiration. I head up towards the next view point and cache – vertical - switch backs – steep inclines – step ups on and over rocks. 
I am soaking wet – my pants are clinging to my legs – I feeling the restriction – OK   I begin to think to my self - this is an isolated trail – the long weekend is over – I don't think many people will be hiking this and this trail is definitely not a mountain bike trail so no one is going to becoming up fast. I decide to remove my wet restricting pants and hike in my shorts. I wonder what would happen if I encounter another person – a large man walking around practically naked. I had my shoes and socks – shorts – hat on.. At first I thought about my embarrassment – than no - after my car accident I was seen naked by more people than I ever want to admit too – so now to be seen by another person in my shorts – so what... 
I have never realized how much clothing does restrict you when you are hiking. I was able to take larger steps – higher - had much more control and so much more cooler. It was so stinking sweltering hot and ever now and then I felt a slight breeze, that would cool my bare legs and chest. Oh that felt so refreshing.. So from this experience I think next time I will wear or at least pack in my back pack true short pants.... 
I was alone – but not without backup. Before I left camp I borrowed (SPOT) from the office. It is technical device like a GPS that transmits my location to the office when I hit the OK button and if I need it to the search and rescue department of BC. So I had this sense of security. 
I was happy – I had no stress but was feeling a true joy – a freedom – well being – satisfaction 
as I hiked along finding one – two - three – four caches it was almost to much pleasure. Exhilaration 
I had told Noni and the office what time to expect me back – and as the time flew by – I mean it flew buy even though I was gulping for my breath more than once as I kept travelling up and up. I set my time that by 5 – 5:30 I would turn back... I found all the caches I had set out to do except for the last one – what shall I do? – no choice, I had to turn back... I had to go down – down – down. 
Going up I had to struggle to fill my lungs with enough oxygen but now the knees and muscles were burning – it took a lot of effort – pain – not easy for me to descend – slowly I keep going down still in my shorts... 
Finally I hear the traffic buzzing bye – OK it is time to put the long pants back on – yuck – sticky wet pants – and my T shirt which is even much more uncomfortable to put on. 
Well this sums up my day – my legs are sore – I am physically exhausted – but I feel so good. 





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